Regina RWC AGM Minutes (March 10, 2015)

Meeting Minutes for the Regina Women’s Committee AGM

PSAC Regina Women’s Committee Meeting
March 10th, 2015

Present: Daniela Aubichon, Raelene Ramnes, Debbi Bernhardt, Nicole Reed, Sandra Ahenakew, Cherlyn Shewchuck, Michelle Lang and Diane Allen from the PSAC office

Minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and approved

This is the Annual general meeting for the PSAC Women’s Committee.

•    On March 4/2015 Michelle and Daniela switched the bank account for Scotia Bank to Conexus. 
•    We will no longer be paying service charges
•    Ending balance as of Dec 31/2014 $3960.81
•    Balance as of  March 9/2015 $ 3955.77
•    The budget for 2014 was $3200
•    The budget for 2015 is $4100
•    Financials for 2014 were audited 
•    The financials and budget were passed

There is going to be a Multi Local and PRC Meeting on May 7/2015, Michelle will be attending for PRC and Sandra Ahenakew will be attending for the Women’s Committee.

Self Defence Class’s
•    The Date of April 18th, 2015 has been selected as the day to hold these classes
•    Daniela has put down a $100 deposit for the East Community Centre
•    There will be 2 sets of classes 9 to 12 and then the last one at 1-4
•    We are hopping for 20 women per class
•    Raelene will look into getting donations of food and water for these classes

There was discussion on having a joint education day with Saskatoon.

The meeting was turned over to Diane Allen for Elections at 6:20

Debbi nominated Michelle for Chair person Daniela Seconded
Michelle won by acclamation

Michelle nominated Daniela for treasurer Debbi Seconded
Daniela won by acclamation

Michelle nominated Raelene as secretary Daniela seconded
Daniela nominated Sandra as secretary Nicole seconded 
Raelene with drew
Sandra is the new secretary

Next meeting will be April 14/2105 at 5:30 in the PSAC board room
Meeting was adjourned at 6:35