Regina Human Rights Meeting Minutes (Jan. 11, 2017)

Meeting minutes for the Regina Human Rights Committee meeting held January 11, 2017

JANUARY 11, 2017

Present: Marlene Hoce (Chair), Daniela Aubichon, Michelle Lang, Brett Pollard, Satinder Bains, Amber Maxie, Shaeya Krause, Sandra Ahenakew, Martha Johnson (PSAC)

Greetings and introductions.

Approval of Agenda: Michelle/Brett

Approval of Minutes from Dec 5/16 meeting.  Brett/Sandra

Financial Update: Balance $1943.73. We have not received a bank statement yet. 
ACTION: Amber will contact Affinity Credit Union to ensure the bank statements get mailed to PSAC office.  The honorarium and refreshments invoices for the Dec 10. 2016 HR Event was paid by PSAC Martha will scan the bank statement and receipts and send a copy for our records. The HR Committee will reimburse PSAC for the cost associated with the Dec 10, 2016 event. The next financial update will reflect the total expense for the event.
Marlene said the workshop was well received – the Leader Post attended and ran a short story which mentioned the HRC.
Discussion around planning process for future events; the committee needs to begin planning 3 or 4 months ahead of time. Suggestion was made to open the registration to a wider audience including SFL and general public.

Sandra made motion to move the Election Agenda Item to the end of the Agenda Seconded by Michelle.

RDLC HR Conference details were shared. Registration is $60.00 for early bird and the deadline is January 13, 2017. Michelle Lang sent a proposal to Marianne Hladun to cover the cost of registration for the HR conference. Marianne agreed to cover the registration for 10 participants. Participants will be required to complete a report and send report to Marianne’s office and also report back to HRC.
Sandra, Michelle, Daniela, Satinder, Brett, Shaeya, Amber, Tim, completed the application for registration to the RDLC HR Conference and chose their workshops.  ACTION: Michelle will take the applications and the cheque for $480 to register the 7 people mentioned above.

The HRC Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Feb 15, 2017 at 5:30 at the PSAC office boardroom.
ACTION: Sandra will create a poster. All positions are up for election; Char Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer. Refreshments provided.

Discussion around the need for better communication within the HRC.  There is a need for transparency with the Executive and include the frequent meeting attendees. Committee will look at Terms of Reference from the PRC, RWC and other Equity Committees.
Suggestion was made that the HRC host Movie Nights, Multi-committee gatherings and consider having a team building exercise/workshop.



Election for Delegate and Alternate to PSAC Convention in April 2017.
Martha Johnson provided election processes and let attendees know who was eligible to vote.

Nomination for Delegates:

Sandra Ahenakew nominated by Daniela Aubichon seconded by Shaeya Krause
Brett Pollard nominated by Satinder Bains seconded by Daniela Aubichon
Marlene Hoce nominated by Satinder Bains seconded by Tim Hubick.
All nominees let name stand.

Vote held by secret ballot – Sandra Ahenakew Elected as Delegate

Nominations for Alternate to PSAC convention: Brett Pollard was nominated by Satinder Bains and seconded by Daniela Aubichon
Marlene Hoce nominated by Satinder Bains and seconded Daniela Aubichon.

Vote held by secret ballot – Marlene was elected Alternate.

Sandra made motion to destroy ballots and Daniela seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 7:23 pm.