Regina Human Rights Committee Meeting Minutes (November 22, 2019)

Regina and Area Human Rights Committee

Type of Meeting: Regular

Facilitator:  Tim Hubick

Date:  November 22, 2019 Time:  5:30 pm

Regina and Area Human Rights Committee

Type of Meeting: Regular

Facilitator:  Tim Hubick

Date:  November 22, 2019

Time:  5:30 pm

In Attendance:  Charito Humphreys, Jessica Bonish, Tim Hubick, Michelle Lang, Robinson Joseph (Phone), Tanya Campbell, Lin-Li Chen, Martha Johnson (Regional Rep)

Called to Order:  5:32 pm

Land Acknowledgement:  Tim

Harassment Statement:  Michelle

Approval of Agenda:  Charito/Michelle – Passed

Last meeting minutes:  read by Michelle – Michelle/Charito – Passed

Chair Report: 

Since our last official meeting there has been very little official activities that have taken place. We did what I see as a very successful pride day. Thank you for those who came out showed support and decorated the car.

September members were encouraged to take part in orange shirt day activities.

October member were encouraged to attend sister in spirt vigil.

Some of our members attend resolution writing workshop and have wrote up some resolutions that we will be talking about voting on later in the meeting.

Some of also attended training and all committees meeting.

We did have some delegates attend the rachial Visible conference for the prairies and I do look forward to hearing more about that later in this meeting.

November, we had, or federal election and members were asked to get out and vote in advance polls as much as possible.

I did take part in advance poll and I would like to share the experience I witnessed reminding me how much further we still need to come as a humans right committee to make change.

We have still so far to go.

As I entered the polling station, I was reflecting how thankful I was. To be able to live in a country express my self in the freedom to be who I choice to be. Canada the home of the land and free. As I stood in line waiting, I looked around there was others who waited to casted their ballots as well. From different walks of life all ages and all creeds. One individual stood in front of me nervous I could tell this was more then likely the first time they would cast their ballot. This person indigenous. They looked at me with a warm smile clinching their hand around their passport and voter card in hand. We made small talk as we waited to be called to take our turn. This is when the dark black vail would fall for as they approached to cast their ballot, they were told the passport and voter card was not enough Id. They were ready to walk away with out casting their vote. When someone in the waiting crowed spoke up and said, “that is all that was needed”. The polling officer spoke to the crowed and said, “but HE! does not have proper Id”. This polling officer was misinformed. After being corrected made no apology, for his ignorance.  This is also when I heard Cory speak up as well saying “I would prefer NOT to be referred to as HE!  Please call me Cory or THEY”! The office said but your name on your passport says Cory, So, you are a HE! Then an old lady in the crowd spoke up and said “does it make a difference if they are a HE or She? They are Canadian and have the right to vote.” He officer muttered something under his breath before he handed Cory their blank ballet. You could have heard pin drop as Cory entered the small booth to cast their ballot. When they returned from the small booth every eye was on them as they stuck their ballot into the ballot box. Only to have the crowed break out in a very loud roar cheer. The polling officer was called off to the side of the room by the superior officer. I did not see them return to there station after this. We have come so far but we still, have yet so far to go.

It was the plan to have a meet and greet with all the equity PRC reps while they were in town in mid November but because only one responded to the email, we decided to cancel it. This called for the creation of resolution we will talk about later in the meeting.

November also had members attend Trans Day of remembers.

December, we have International Human Rights Day which we will talk about talk about this more in the meeting.

Once again, I remind everyone to respect other unions picket lines and show support when ever you can, CN rail is currently on strike Monday to Friday on 1st ave. north and Levan.

As I engage members at different events, I always look for opportunity to invite new people to human rights meeting I ask you to do the same.

We have seen growth with or membership and this is an encouragement to me. I would like to thank every one of you for your commitment to this committee and I look forward as we move forward.

I so move my Human Right Committee chair rep

Submitted in solidarity Tim Hubick

Treasurer Report:  No report as Treasurer sent regrets

  • Pride events have all been reimbursed

We then discussed resolutions and passed the following to go to the Prairie Region Triennial:

All Motioned and Passed by Tim/Michelle

  1.  Equity Reps Commitment to Human Rights Committees
  2. LGBTQ2+ Name Change
  3. PrEP Awareness Campaign
  4. PrEP Education Campaign
  5. PSAC Constitution on Membership Rights
  6. Ally Training
  7. Gender Neutral Language

2 resolutions were withdrawn

Old Business:

RV Conference:

Robinson reported that he was surprised that it was only Racial Visible Members, he had never attended a conference like this before.  He learned how to mobilize members.  He enjoyed the conference greatly.

Charito reported that this conference was a third of the participants first conference.  Looking to move away from Racially Visible to Racialized Members.  Charito will draft a resolution to this.

(Michelle to write up a resolution to change members with a disability to differently abled.)

Road to mental Health, Leadership Panel of 6 people, Delegates committed to attend Human Rights meetings.

December 10, 2019 is National Human Rights Day.  Planning a silent walk from the office to City Hall.  Meet at Office at 5:20 pm. 

Motion:  Spend up to $150.00 for candles and hot chocolate and marshmallows.  Michelle/Charito – Passed

Next Meeting:  December 12, 2019 6:00 pm

AGM Date:  January 23, 2020

Adjourn:  6:50 pm Charito/ Jessica – Passed