Regina Human Right’s Committee Minutes October 25, 2022

Council Members Present

Jessica Bonish (CEIU)
Diane White (PSAC regional rep)
Daniela Furkert (PSAC Casino Regina)
Tim Hubick (USJE/ committee chair)
Jennifer Beattie (CIU)
Robinson Joseph (AGR)                                             +

Invited Guests:
Kathy Ajram (PRC rep- Racially Visible)
Steve Taylor (PRC Rep- 2SLGBTQI+)


Meeting Chaired by: Tim Hubick

  1. Call to order 6: 30
  2.  Financial Report presented by Daniela: The Account Bank Balance as of September 30, 2022 is $1,575.56. Motion to accept report was moved by Daniela and second be Jessica.
  3. Land acknowledgement.  Tim Hubick read the land acknowledgement
  4. Harassment Statement. Tim Hubick read the Harassment Statement
  5. Motion to adopt Agenda. Moved by Jessica and second by Daniela.
  6. Motion to review and approve minutes from last meeting – July 12 2022. Moved by Daniela, second by Jessica.
  7. Round table of introduction
  8. Old Business:  None.
  9. New Business: Kathy: we will be going to Ottawa to attend the National Human Rights meeting. I will be meeting with the racially visible group reps across the country. We are in a planning stage for conferences. The Prairie racially visible conference will be held on February. Important point of discussion would centre around strategies on how to tackle issues that are common accrues racially visible members. We do have a mobilisation plan that we are working on and that would be coming out in the very near future. Tim: What we did at the prairie regional council was a day and half training with one of the national human rights officers at PSAC. We had workshops on breaking down barriers within our committees through an equity lens. We made an action plan which is developing and will be coming forward in the new year
  10. Round Table: Jessica, This a request to PRC members to please advocate for PSAC to begin hybrid conferences to accommodate those that cannot attend in person meeting. Tim; the Southland mall is doing cultural awareness days every Saturdays from 10:00 AM in the morning to noon. December 3rd is International Human Rights Day, so we will be sending out information on different events and what is going on so people can take part in it
  11. Motion for adjournment moved by Jessica at 7:15PM