Regina Human Rights Committee Meeting Minutes (June 8, 2021)

Present: Tanya Campbell, Michelle Lang, Daniela Aubichon, Tim Hubick, Robinson Joseph, Diane White

Meeting Called to order at 18:05

Approval of Amended Agenda Tim Hubick/ Daniela Aubichon

Reading of Harassment Statement by Tim Hubick

Treasurer’s Report:

As of March 31st; 2021 we have $529.89 in our Account. We deposited the Bank Draft for$ 583.79 and had a Service fee of $ 5 for that. We also ordered cheques which came to $48.90.

Move Report Daniela Aubichon/Michelle Lang

Old Business:

Daniela reported that all Events for Aboriginal Day are online this year due to COVID.

New Business:

CLC released Statement about the Event that happened in London, Ontario where 4 members of Muslim family got killed. There is a Candlelight Vigil at the Legislature in Regina.

Link for the CLC Statement

Robinson asked if there was any Resolutions submitted by the Southern Saskatchewan Human Rights committee. They are on Page 99, 100, 105, 121 of the Resolution Package for the Triannual Convention.

Treaty Acknowledgement by Tim Hubick

Tim asked everyone to remember the 215 Children discovered in BC.

Round Table: no one had anything for Round Table.

Next Meeting: Tim will send out a Doodle poll after Convention.

Adjourn 18:45