Regina Human Rights Committee AGM Minutes (March 7, 2019)

Meeting minutes for March 7, 2019 AGM.

MARCH 7, 2019

In attendance: Tim Hubick, Michelle Lang, Sandra Ahenakew, Brett Pollard, Jessica Bonish, Mandi Wilkinson. PSAC Regional Rep Martha Johnson
On the Phone: Robinson Joseph, Dani Aubichon

Call to Order: 5:30 P.M.

Roll Call

Mandi Wilkinison read PSAC Harassment Statement

Tim Hubick made a motion to amend the Agenda to move the Election further down the Agenda to follow the Treasurers’ Report seconded by Jessica Bonish

Motion to approve minutes from March 14, 2018 PSAC HRC AGM 

Mandi (M) Brett (S)

No New Business

Treasurer Report – Dani Aubichon provided written report.

Sandra (M) Jessica (S)

Chair Report: Tim Hubick provided his verbal report – Mandi (M) Brett (S)


Elections for Executive conducted by Martha Johnson

Martha informed attendees that Dani Aubichon and Robinson Joseph would be voting via proxy and texting their votes to her (Martha).

Nominations for the position of Chair:

Tim Hubick nominated by Michelle Lang and seconded by Jessica Bonish

Tim accepted nomination – no further nominations.

Tim Hubick Acclaimed

Nominations for Vice-Chair:

Jessica Bonish nominated Michelle Lang – seconded by Brett Pollard

No further nominations for Vice Chair

Michelle Lang Acclaimed

Nominations for Secretary:

Michelle Lang nominated Brett Pollard seconded by Sandra Ahenakew

No further nominations

Brett Pollard Acclaimed

Nominations for Treasurer:

Jessica Bonish nominated Dani Aubichon seconded by Mani Wilkinson

Dani Aubichon Acclaimed

Sandra moved to destroy the ballots for all positions seconded by Jessica Bonish

Martha informed attendees that they would have to “elect” a delegate to represent the HRC who would have one vote at the Area Council AGM March 8, 2019.

Jessica Bonish and Brett Pollard put their names forward.

Brett Pollard elected as the delegate to vote at the PSAC Regina Area Council AGM March 8, 2019.


Tim Hubick will send a Doodle Poll to determine the date of the next HRC meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 6:32 P.M.