Regina Human Rights Committee AGM Minutes – February 15, 2017

Meeting minutes for February 15, 2017

South Saskatchewan Human Rights Committee

Annual General Meeting

February 15, 2017



In attendance: Martha Johnson PSAC representative, Marlene Hoce, Sandra Ahenakew, Daniela Aubichon, Michelle Lang, Brett Pollard, Melissa Brandt, Giselle Henry, Shaeya Krause,Tim Hubick and Keith Hanson joined via audio conference from Swift Current.

Regrets: Amber Maxie, Satinder Bains


Call to Order:           5:42 P.M.


Roundtable introductions.


Greetings from Chair Person – Marlene Hoce


Approval of February 23, 2016 HRC AGM          Brett/Daniela M/S


Chair report – Marlene Hoce


Reports from Regina & District Labour Council Equity & Human Rights Conference Participants

  • Tim Hubick
  • Michelle Lang
  • Daniela Aubichon
  • Sandra Ahenakew
  • Brett Pollard
  • Shaeya Krause


Satinder Bains was unable to attend RDLC Equity & Human Rights Conference.

Amber Maxie was unable to attend AGM. 

Chair requested that all participants to the conference submit paper copies of their report to the secretary of the HRC.

HRC Secretary will email a copy of the conference reports to the HRC AGM attendees.


There was a short Q & A about the RDLC Conference.


Financial Report – as Treasurer was unable to attend the AGM the Chair reported the HRC current Bank Balance of $1,463.99.

Financial Report to be submitted at a later date.


It was suggested that in the future those people wishing to attend the RDLC Equity & Human Rights Conference pay for their own registration.


Motion by Melissa Brandt to reimburse Sandra Ahenakew $48.29 for Pizza ordered for meeting. Seconded by Michelle Lang. Motion passed.



Elections – conducted by PSAC Representative Martha Johnson


Martha clarified who was entitled to vote at the AGM: members of current HRC are entitled to one vote; one member of each Local was entitled to one vote. HRC made the decision that going forward,  only the eligible delegates at the AGM’s will be entitled to vote and nominate and the Observers would be entitled to run for Executive positions if they were nominated by eligible voting delegates.  Terms of Reference will developed/updated by the newly elected HRC.


Eligible Voters

  • Marlene Hoce – Chair of HRC
  • Sandra Ahenakew – Secretary HRC
  • Brett Pollard Local 40005
  • Giselle Henry Local 4009
  • Shaeya Krause Local 40064
  • Tim Hubick – Local 4A008



  • Melissa Brandt – Local 40064
  • Daniela Aubichon – Local 40005
  • Michelle Lang – Local 40005
  • On the Phone – Keith Hanson Local (?) Swift Current


Nominations for Chair of HRC


Tim Hubick nominated by Sandra Ahenakew Seconded by Shaeya Krause (Tim accepted).

Brett Pollard nominated by Marlene Hoce Seconded by Giselle Henry (Brett accepted)


Tim Hubick Elected as Chair of HRC


Motion to destroy all ballots at the end of the election was made by Giselle Henry and Seconded by Brett Pollard


Nominations for Vice-Chair


Giselle Henry nominated by Sandra Ahenakew Seconded by Brett Pollard (Giselle accepted)

Brett Pollard nominated by Marlene Hoce Seconded by Tim Hubick (Brett accepted)


Giselle Henry Elected as Vice-Chair

Nominations for Treasurer


Daniela Aubichon nominated by Sandra Ahenakew Seconded by Giselle Henry (Daniella accepted)

Brett Pollard nominated by Marlene Hoce Seconded by Tim Hubick (Brett accepted)


Daniela Aubichon Elected as Treasurer



Nominations for Secretary of HRC


Sandra Ahenakew nominated by Giselle Henry Seconded by Brett Pollard

No other nominations.


Sandra Ahenakew Acclaimed as Secretary of HRC


New Human Rights Committee sworn in by PSAC rep Martha Johnson


Proposed Events discussion agenda item will be moved to another date.


Sandra will email new HRC to schedule next meeting and request dates for changing Bank signing authorities.


Closing Remarks by outgoing Chair Marlene Hoce.

Marlene is stepping aside to work on the Saskatchewan Disability Act and plans to share her committee work with the HRC in the future.


Melissa Brandt thanked Marlene for her commitment to Human Rights and the South Saskatchewan Human Rights Committee.


Meeting adjourned: 7:53 P.M.




Respectfully Submitted by: South Saskatchewan Human Rights Committee


Marlene Hoce – Chair


Cheryln Shewchuk – Vice Chair


Amber Maxie – Treasurer


Sandra Ahenakew – Secretary