Regina Human Rights Committee AGM Minutes (Feb. 23, 2016)

Meeting Minutes for the Regina Human Rights Committee AGM

South Saskatchewan Human Rights Committee Annual General Meeting 2016
Minutes – February 23, 2016

Call to Order – 5:45 PM
Roll Call: Martha Johnson PSAC, Sandra Ahenakew, Amber Maxie, Brett Pollard, Leslie Henderson-Whynot, Marlene Hoce, Michelle Lang, Daniela Aubichon, Satinder Bains, Debbi Bernhardt, Deanna Getz, Cherylyn Shewchuk. Janette Husak (PRC REP joined by phone)
Old Business 
The HRC had been inactive for 2 years and as such was not in good standing. The 2013-14 and 2014-15 reporting was submitted to the Winnipeg Office on January 29, 2016; as a result there is no report from the Treasurer.
Janette Husak PRC Rep – informed the committee that we have to send all the financial reporting to her to review and she will forward onto the Winnipeg office. 
Sandra Ahenakew will send a copy of financial reporting/bank statements/meeting minutes and all other reporting requirements onto Janette and cc Martha Johnson.
New Business
No new business
Brett Pollard – Chair of HRC submitted written Report. 
Brett moved his report as submitted. Satinder Seconded – Carried
No other reports submitted.
Discussion of how to get the committee in good standing. 
There was a question as to who can vote so prior to the Election there was a discussion on who had voting rights for the election – we called REVP Marianne H. for clarification; the current Executive has voting rights and of the members in attendance at the meeting one from each Local can vote.
Question: Does the HRC have Terms of Reference? The current HRC was unaware/unsure.
ACTION ITEM: Martha Johnson will follow up with REVP Marianne H. regarding Terms of Reference and or By-Laws

Martha Johnson, PSAC Rep conducted Election.
Secretary Position
Sandra Ahenakew in by acclamation
Amber Maxie in by acclamation
Vice Chair
Sandra Ahenakew nominated Michelle Lang – Brett Pollard seconded
Deanna Getz nominated Marlene Hoce – Debbi Bernhardt seconded
Satinder Bains nominated Cherylyn Shewchuk – Amber Maxie seconded
Michelle withdrew her name and Marlene declined the nomination
Cherylyn Shewchuk new Vice-Chair
Deanna Getz nominated Marlene Hoce – Cherylyn seconded
Satinder Bains nominated Brett Pollard – Michelle Lang seconded
Vote was held by secret ballot. Debbi Bernhardt serves as Marlene’s scrutineer and Daniela Aubichon for Brett Pollard.
Marlene Hoce elected new Chair of HRC 
Next meeting: TBD
Adjournment: 7:00 PM
Micelle Lang moved to adjourn – Daniela seconded