Regina Human Rights Committee AGM Minutes (February 5, 2020)

Call to Order: 5:31pm

Roll Call: Daniela Aubichon, Robinson Joseph, Charito Humphreys, Jessica Bonish, Tanya Campbell, Michelle Lang, Tim Hubick

Land Acknowledgement: Jaylynn Lang

Harassment Statement: Michelle

Financial Report: Presented by Daniela – $75 cheque still outstanding from Queen City (QC) Pride event. Will be added to financial report. Follow up will be done with QC Pride. All other financials in order. Motioned by Daniela, seconded by Michelle. Approved

Old Business: Request for finding for Canadian University Queer Services Conference (CUQSC) event facilitated by UR Pride declined. See Attachment# 1 for copy of correspondence from REVP Marianne regarding request.

Chair Report: See Attachment #2 for full report. Motioned by Tim, seconded by Michelle. Approved

Committee Elections (conducted by Martha Johnson – Regional Rep):

Chair: Tim Hubick – Nominated by Jessica, seconded by Daniela. Tim accepted. No other nominees. Tim acclaimed.

Vice-Chair: Michelle Lang – Nominated by Daniela, seconded by Robinson. Michelle accreted. No other nominees. Michelle acclaimed.

Treasurer: Daniela Aubichon – Nominated by Jessica, seconded by Charito. Daniela accepted. No other nominations. Daniela acclaimed.

Secretary: Charito Humphreys – Nominated by Daniela, seconded by Jessica. Charito accepted. No other nominees. Charito acclaimed.

Delegate to Prairies Triennial 2020 (conducted by Martha Johnson – Regional Rep):

  • Jessica Bonish – Nominated by Charito, seconded by Daniela. Jessica accepted.
  • Tanya Campbell – Nominated by Michelle, seconded by Daniela. Tanya accepted.
  • Robinson Joseph – Nominated by Tim, seconded by Daniela. Robinson accepted.

All delegates spoke and first round of elections were held with all 3 candidates. First round resulted in 3 way tie.

Second round of elections held. Jessica had least amount of votes but no clear majority so Jessica dropped off the ballot and next round held with Tanya and Robinson as candidates.

Third round held and there was a 2 way tie.

Fourth round held and there was a 2 way tie.

Martha left the committee to caucus. After a brief discussion, Robinson withdrew his name from the ballot which resulted in Tanya becoming the delegate to the Prairies Triennial 2020. Jessica put Robinson’s name forward as 1st alternate stating she would accept 2nd alternate position as she was already attending as an observer for her local. Caucus agreed.

Tanya Campbell – delegate. Robinson Joseph – 1st Alternate. Jessica Bonish – 2nd Alternate.

Martha returned to swear in the new executive.

Signing authority granted to Chair Tim Hubick, Vice-Chair Michelle Lang and Treasurer Daniela Aubichon.

Motion submitted by Charito to move the bank account from Affinity Credit Union to Conexus Credit Union in order to eliminate monthly bank fees and have all Regina committees banking with one bank. Michelle seconded the motion. Approved.

Motion submitted by Tim to supply light meal for the next committee meeting of up to $100. Michelle seconded motion. Approved.

Next meeting date set for March 5, 2020 @ 5pm.

Motion to adjourn at 6:25pm by Jessica.


From: Marianne Hladun

Date: Thu, Jan 30, 2020 at 10:51 AM

Subject: RE: FW: UR Pride Conference funding

To: tim hubick, Alison Davis

Hi Tim

I’ve looked at the conference description and was going to suggest that we send an observer rathe than sponsor but the conference outline clearly indicates this is specifically for university students or university workers.

As we get many requests for sponsorships, we screen them pretty close to ensure a connection with our membership and/or the labour movement.  While I’d encourage the HRC to touch base with University Pride group to see if there are opportunities to collaborate, we wouldn’t be able to provide a sponsorship for this conference.  Once the U of S local gets more engaged, if they have members eligible to attend, that may be something to consider next time it is held in Sask.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.



Human rights chair report for 2019

Over the past year we have had a successful year. Many thanks to each of you who have attended meetings and events to help make tis year a success. The human rights committee could not have done it without you.

Highlights and activities:

In the past year we have had four official meetings with minutes posted for each meeting. We had fun and a great turn out for the pride parade entering a decorated car. We encourage members to take part in reconciliation and orange shirt day. Member were encouraged to attend sister in spirt vigil. We did have some delegates attend the racially Visible conference for the prairies. Federal election we asked our members to get out and vote in advance polls as much as possible. Some members attend Trans Day of remembers. We had a vigil for International Human Rights Day. We also had members attend the resolution writing workshop. We submitted seven resolutions on behalf of the human rights committee to prairie region convention. Complete list on the PSAC region website under the November 22, 2019 minutes. Lessons learned and looking forward.

Although we did have some issues with communication at times, around meeting times. I believe we did learn and grow form these lessons and become stronger because of it.  We are a passionate group of members it has been a pleasure working with each of you and serving as you chair.  Looking forward to the coming year, as we work together to continue to grow the membership of this committee. I also look forward to reaching out beyond the city of Regina in the future. I know we had talked about entering a float in Moose Jaw Pride this coming year.  With Prairie Region Convention being held the same weekend as Queen city Pride 2020. I look forward to working with the convention committee to do something special for the delegates and observers to take part in celebrating.  Once again thank you to each and everyone of you for making this year the success it has been, I do look forward to growing, learning and fighting the good fight for human right in 2020.

In solidarity

Tim Hubick