Regina Human Rights Committee AGM Minutes (December 12, 2019)

Call to Order:  5:30 pm

Roll Call:  Tim Hubick, Michelle Lang, Charito Humphreys, Tanya Campbell, Martha Johnson

Regrets:  Dani Aubichon, Jessica Bonnish

Call to Order 6:03 pm

Harassment Statement:  Martha

Land Acknowledgement:  Tim

Agenda – Approved

Financial Report – $727.97, 119.50 cheques written for $119.50 so balance after cheques is $608.47

– Approved

Old Business:

International Human Rights Day on Tuesday December 10, 2019 we had a vigil at the office attended by 4 people.  Tim, Michelle, Charito, Dani.

Suggestions to look into:  We should be doing things as a committee and not the Chair doing everything.  Make people feel like they are included with the planning and actively taking part in the event.  Just not observers.

Make sure we have time to post if location changes and to send out emails.

RSVP Forms

Martha wants to sit with all committees to discuss membership contacts.

Who gets the RSVP – Monika is Right now.

There should be 2 way communication.  Chairs should be reaching out to the Admin to check.  Maybe offer food.

New Business:

4 events per year

4 meetings per year

Martha suggests that more than one meeting to plan events.

Try only 2 events per year.

Pride is during Convention this year.  Ideas what we can do during Pride in Regina.  See about getting time to watch the Parade.

Now looking into Moose Jaw Pride and partaking there.

U of R Pride request – Michelle sent the info to Tim

AGM Date is January 23, 2020

Adjourn: 6:50 pm
New Business:

AGM – January 16. 2020

Brainstorm on new ideas for next year’s committee

March On Canada January 18, 2020 9:45 am

Adjourn 5:46 pm