Regina HRC Mtg Minutes (Oct 20 2010)

Present: Bryan Thompson, Chair; Melissa Brandt,Treasurer; Satinder Bains, Prairie Region RV Rep; Steve Van Opstal, Local 40229; Janette Husak, Local 40064; Alex George, Local 40005

South SK Human Rights Committee

Meeting Minutes

October 20, 2010



Present:               Bryan Thompson, Chair                                                 Melissa Brandt, Treasurer

                                Satinder Bains, Prairie Region RV Rep                    Steve Van Opstal, Local 40229

                                Janette Husak, Local 40064                                          Alex George, Local 40005



Brother Bryan called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m.


Previous Meeting Minutes:


Attendees reviewed the minutes of the September 2010 meeting.  One error noted; DRIP should read UNDRIP.  Agreed to adopt the minutes.





Sister Melissa reported the closing bank balance as of September 30, 2010 is $4,284.13.


Motion to reimburse Brother Satindar for dinner expenses in the amount of $63.50


M/S                        Brother Bryan/Sister Janette                                                                      Carried



Social Justice Projects:


Remembrance Day


Sister Melissa reported Area Council met and decided to purchase a wreath on their own.  The Committee will now split the cost of a wreath with the RWC.  The wreath will be ordered by the RWC.  An email has been sent to Sister Gress, RWC Chair, to ask if the RWC wish to provide a representative to place the wreath; or, whether we should have it done by the Legion.


Unions of Regina Christmas Dinner


Sister Melissa will ask Sister Gress to confirm that PSAC volunteer spaces have been reserved.  She will also inquire when a callout for financial contributions may be expected.


Future Projects


·         Brother Alex spoke with his brother; however he cannot be available for sometime due to other commitments.

·         Brother Bryan left a message for Brother Welsch; however he has not yet received a return call.

·         Considerable interest in hosting a joint come and go event in December together with the RWC and Area Council.  Suggested planning for the week of Dec. 13, hold either Dec. 14, 15 or 16.

o        Brother Bryan will compile a slide show

o        Ask the RWC to show the video which was produced for International Women’s Day

o        Invite Sandra Ahenakew to show a segment of her video and speak

o        Invite Sister Benson as a guest speaker

o        Brother Alex will approach his mother to ask if she would speak about her experience in residential school.

o        Speakers will be presented with blankets; agreed to spend $150.00 for gifts and blankets.


Next meetings:                                November 17


The meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.