Regina HRC Mtg Minutes (June 9 2009)

Present: Marlene Hoce, Chair; Bryan Thompson, Vice-Chair; Melissa Brandt, Treasurer; Satinder Bains, Prairie Region RV Rep; Ed Janis, APSAR

South SK Human Rights Committee

Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2009



Present:               Marlene Hoce, Chair                                                      Bryan Thompson, Vice-Chair

                                Melissa Brandt, Treasurer                                            Satinder Bains, Prairie Region RV Rep

                                Ed Janis, APSAR



The committee met immediately following an all committee meeting held with Sister Robyn Benson.  Prior to her departure from the all committee meeting, Sister Robyn administered the Oath of Office to Sister Marlene, Brother Bryan and Sister Melissa.


Sister Marlene called the meeting to order at 7:25 p.m.




Attendees reviewed the agenda as distributed by Sister Marlene.  Sister Marlene suggested that in light of comments/information shared by Sister Robyn during the all committee meeting the committee also discuss holding closed meetings.


Motion to adopt the agenda as amended.


M/S                        Brother Satinder/Brother Bryan                                                                                Carried


Brother Ed left the meeting.



Previous Meeting Minutes:


Sister Melissa prepared minutes for the May 20, 2009 meeting up to the point she had departed.  Brother Bryan took the remaining notes which were passed to Sister Marlene for inclusion in the electronic file Sister Melissa e-mail to Sister Marlene.  It was agreed to table acceptance of the May 20, 2009 meeting minutes until the fall meeting.





Sister Melissa reported that change-over of the signing officers at Affinity Credit Union had not yet been completed.  Affinity had been provided with a copy of the annual general meeting minutes including the names of the new signing officers; and Affinity had prepared the signing authority papers.  Sister Melissa had been to Affinity and signed the papers; however Sister Marlene and Brother Bryan had not yet had an opportunity to also go in.  Sister Marlene and Brother Bryan indicated they would go into Affinity within the next several days and notify Sister Melissa once they had each signed the bank papers.


Sister Melissa reported there was a closing bank balance, as of May 31, 2009 in the amount of $2,640.83.



2009 PSAC Prairie Region Union School


Sister Melissa and Brother Bryan both attended Prairie Union School held in Edmonton at Grant MacEwan College.  Sister Melissa participated in the ‘Growing Our Union’ course while Brother Bryan participated in the ‘Unionism on Turtle Island’ course.  They each reported it had been an excellent experience providing them an opportunity to build relationships with other union activists.



Meeting Format:


The committee discussed exploring other meeting formats in an effort to engage other members.  Suggestions included continuing to welcome allies who would have voice but no vote; starting meetings at a later time to provide more opportunity for members to get to the meeting after they are off work; considering other meeting locations which would be more convenient for members to get to.


It was agreed the Committee Chair will be the delegate to Area Council and the Committee Vice-Chair the alternate delegate to Area Council.



Human Rights Projects/Committee Work:


The Committee brainstormed ideas for projects, suggestions included:


·         Day of Diversity

·         Laying a wreath at Victoria Cenotaph for Remembrance Day

·         Assisting at the Regina and District Labour Council Labour Day picnic


Sister Marlene encouraged members to forward other ideas/suggestions to her via e-mail.


It was agreed that Brothers Bryan and Satindar would distribute balloons, stickers/temporary tattoos and ice cream on July 25 at Assiniboine Indian Reserve during Carry the Kettle’s pow-wow.


Motion to spend up to $100.00 for Carry the Kettle’s pow-wow on July 25.


M/S        Brother Satindar/Brother Bryan                                                                                                Carried


The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.