Regina HRC Mtg Minutes (Jun 1 2011)

Present: Gary Sparvier, Chair; Bryan Thomson, Vice-Chair; Melissa Brandt, Secretary; Janette Husak, Treasurer; Satinder Bains, Prairie Region RV Rep; Steve Van Opstal, Local 40229; Sandra Ahenakew, L40064; Lisa Garnier, Regional Representative

South SK Human Rights Committee

Meeting Minutes

June 1, 2011


Present:               Gary Sparvier, Chair                                                     Bryan Thomson, Vice-Chair

                 Melissa Brandt, Secretary                                             Janette Husak, Treasurer

                             Satinder Bains, Prairie Region RV Rep                          Steve Van Opstal, Local 40229

                              Sandra Ahenakew, L40064                                          Lisa Garnier, Regional Representative



The meeting convened at 6:10 p.m.


Sister Ahenakew spoke to the committee about National Aboriginal Day indicating celebrations will be held across Canada.  Information on local events can be accessed through the website.  She also outlined plans to greet the Walk4Justice walkers at FNUniv on July 11.  It was noted a donation to the Walk4Justice event in the amount of $100.00 was approved at the AGM.  A cheque will be issued once information on the payee is received.  Sister Ahenakew also noted INAC has a National CANE committee however the group is not presently active in SK.  Many aboriginal employees are instead participating in NCAFE and SAFE.  Sister Ahenakew departed the meeting.


Sister Garnier noted the PRIDE Parade will be held in Reginaon June 18.  A notice with details will be sent to Locals from the Regional Office.



Previous Meeting Minutes:


Attendees reviewed the minutes of the January 19, 2011meeting.  A discussion ensued related to how meal costs and meeting expenses can be kept down.  Discussion also took place around the frequency of meetings.  Sister Garnier noted committees are required to meet at least four times per year and that members also have the option of dialling into a meeting if they cannot attend in person.


M/S/C   Satinder/Janette             That the January 19, 2011meeting minutes be adopted as presented.



National Aboriginal Day:


A discussion on NAD ensued.  It was decided Gary, Bryan, Satinder and Steve would man a booth at the Regina NAD event.  Helium balloons, PSAC fans and tattoos will be distributed.  Bryanagreed to arrange for the helium tank, clips and string for the balloons.  Janette will contact the event organizers to obtain the necessary approval and find out where the booth can be set up.  The banners and flags from the Regional Office will be used to decorate the booth.


Sister Garnier observed the project will link well to the PSAC National Day of Action which is being held June 7.  Flyers and stickers will be sent to Locals by the Regional Office for distribution to members.




M/S/C   Steve/Satinder                 Pay up to $200.00 for expenses for the NAD project.


M/S/C   Bryan/Steve                       Pay dinner expenses in the amount of $83.96.


M/S/C   Janette/Satinder             Pay a travel advance in the amount of $895.00 to Bryan Thomson, committee delegate to Prairie Region Convention.


Other 2011 Projects:


Sisters Melissa and Lisa provided a copy of the Community Helping Hands presentation made to Area Council by a representative from Kruzer House with Ranch Ehrlo.  They advised a joint meeting of all three committees has been proposed for June 22 to discuss the proposal.


Next regular meeting:   October 12.


The meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.