Regina HRC Minutes (Oct 2011)

Minutes from the October 18th Regina Human Rights Committee Meeting

South SK Human Rights Committee

Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2011



Gary Sparvier, Chair                                                       

Bryan Thomson, Vice-Chair

Melissa Brandt, Secretary                                           

Geri Starr, L40064

Tracy Brass, L40064                                                         

Steve Van Opstal, L 40229

Bruce Cook, L40022                                                        

Marlene Hoce, L40022

Lisa Garnier, Regional Representative


The meeting convened at 6:00 p.m.

M/S/C   Bruce/Bryan                       Adoption of the meeting agenda as presented.


Previous Meeting Minutes:

The minutes of the meeting held June 1, 2011were read by Brother Gary.  No revisions or amendments were noted.

M/S/C   Steve/G               erri                         That the June 1, 2011meeting minutes be adopted as read..


National Aboriginal Day:

Brother Bryan manned the booth from approximately 1 to 4 pm.  There was lots of helium in the helium tank and he gave out many, many balloons.  Freezies, fans and stickers were also distributed.  All of the give-aways were popular.  Total cost for the helium tank was $350.00 which was quite a bit more than anticipated or budgeted for.


Sister Janette was not available for the meeting however Sister Melissa reported the bank balance taken from the bank statement ending September 30, 2011.  Closing balance was $4,638.35.

Brother Gary reported an invoice for travel expenses for the committee’s delegate to the 2011 Prairie Region Convention had been received from Sister Benson’s office.  The invoice will be passed to Sister Janette for payment.


Other 2011 Projects:

Sisters Melissa and Lisa provided an update on the Community Helping Hands project involving Kruzer House.  A total of 23 children were helped with back to school supplies.  A thank you letter and photographs have been passed over to the Communication Officer for Prairie Region to be posted to the website.  Members of the committee expressed interest in receiving more information about the services provided by Ranch Erhlo at a future meeting.


Other Business:

Sister Lisa advised the Regina Women’s Committee is putting together a letter to go out to locals seeking donations in support of the upcoming Unions of Regina Christmas Dinner.  The committee is suggesting each local pledge $50.00 to be put toward covering expenses for putting on the dinner.

Sister Lisa reported that the Area Council will be preparing a mail-out to members on October 25 related to the upcoming provincial election.  There are approximately 2800 envelopes to stuff so if members are available they are encouraged to come out and assist.  Dinner will be provided.

Sister Marlene inquired whether the committee will still be planning events which focus on/link to the various international days of recognition related to human rights/equity matters.  She described some activities/events which were done in the past.

Sister Geri suggested distributing ribbons for women on December 6.

It was agreed to hold a meeting in December.  The meeting will focus on highlighting the three international days of recognition which take place in December (disability, violence against women, and human rights).  A date of December 7 was selected.  Food will be provided.  As renovations to the Regional Office will not be complete Sister Lisa agreed to find a meeting location.  Brother Steve agreed to find someone to speak on a human rights theme; Sister Marlene agreed to find someone from/through Sask Abilities Council to speak on wages for disabled persons; Sister Geri agreed to find a speaker from the Ethopian community.


Next meeting:  December 7.


The meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.