Regina HRC AGM Minutes (Apr 3 2012)

In Attendance: Gary Sparvier, Chair; Bryan Thompson , Vice-Chair; Melissa Brandt, Secretary; janette Husak, Treasurer; Satinder Bains,L4A008; Steve Van Opstal, SouthSKPRC Rep; Bruce Cook, L40022; Nadine Brossart, L40225; Tim Hubick, L4A008; Michael Schell, L40064; Alex George, Casino Regina DCL; Lisa Garnier (PSAC Regional Representative)

South SK Human Rights Committee

Annual General Meeting Minutes

April 3, 2012


In Attendance:       Gary Sparvier, Chair             Bryan Thompson , Vice-Chair

Melissa Brandt, Secretary                  Janette Husak, Treasurer

Satinder Bains,L4A008                     Steve Van Opstal, SouthSKPRC Rep

Bruce Cook, L40022                        Nadine Brossart, L40225

Tim Hubick, L4A008                        Michael Schell, L40064

Alex George, Casino Regina DCL      Lisa Garnier (PSAC Regional Representative)


Brother Gary called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.followed by roundtable introductions.

Previous Meeting Minutes:

The meeting minutes from the May 10, 2011annual general meeting were distributed and reviewed.  There were no additions/revisions noted.  Motion to adopt the May 10, 2011annual general meeting minutes as presented.

M/S                  Brother Steve/Brother Bryan                                                        Carried


Brother Gary indicated the required mini-audit had not yet been completed; nor had a budget for the 2012 operating year been prepared.

Motion to table review and approval of the mini-audit to next meeting.

M/S                  Brother Bruce/Brother Satinder                                                    Carried

Motion to table review and approval of the 2012 budget to next meeting.

M/S                  Brother Bruce/Brother Michael                                                    Carried

Motion to reimburse Satinder in the amount of $117.40 for meal.

M/S                  Sister Janette/Brother Steve                                                        Carried

Election of Officers:

Sister Lisa assumed the chair and opened the floor for nominations.



Gary Sparvier                                         M/S      Brother Satinder/Brother Alex

Brother Gary acclaimed.


Vice Chair:

Bryan Thompson                                    M/S      Brother Gary/Sister Janette

Alex George                                          M/S      Sister Janette/Brother Bryan

Bruce Cook                                           M/S      Brother Satinder/Brother Gary

Bruce declined; Alex declined; Brother Bryan accepted and acclaimed



Melissa Brandt                                      M/S      Sister Janette/Brother Michael

Nadine Brossart                                     M/S      Brother Gary/Brother Alex

Michael Schell                                       M/S      Brother Bryan/Sister Melissa


All nominees declined.  Nominations reopened.

Tim Hubick                                            M/S      Brother Gary/Sister Janette

Satinder Bains                                       M/S      Brother Tim/Brother Bryan

Each Brother declined.  Nominations reopened


Janette Husak                                       M/S      Brother Gary/Brother Alex

Sister Janette accepted; acclaimed.



Michael Schell                                       M/S      Brother Gary/Brother Tim

Melissa Brandt                                      M/S      Brother Satinder/Sister Janette

Alex George                                          M/S      Brother Bryan/Sister Janette

Bruce Cook                                           M/S      Brother Satinder/Brother Gary


Bruce declined; Alex declined; Melissa declined; Brother Michael accepted and was acclaimed.


Sister Lisa explained that once the meeting minutes are available the new officers will need to take the minutes to the bank to change over the signing officers on the bank account.  Sister Lisa administered the oath of office and turned the chair back over to Brother Gary.


Other Business:

Brother Bruce indicated he had obtained a copy of ‘It’s Time’ from Sister Alisha Biglow in Winnipeg.  The DVDwas put on and viewed by meeting attendees.


Sister Lisa and Brother Michael indicated they had attended some of the recent lectures given by Tim Wise.  Sister Lisa advised she purchased one of his videos along with several of his books.  Members can borrow them through the Regional Office.


Brother Bryan advised Agriculture Union has asked him to work on a video about the Human Rights Committee.  The video will be aired at PSAC Convention.  Brother Gary offered to obtain a contact name from the media section at FirstNationsUniversityand pass it to Brother Bryan.


Brother Gary advised the next meeting will be held May 14 at 6:00 p.m.  The 2011 mini-audit and budget for 2012 will be tabled for discussion and approval at the meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 6:55 p.m.