Regina Area Council Minutes September 28, 2016

Meeting minutes for September 28,2016

Regina Area Council
Meeting Minutes
September 28, 2016

Present:    Melissa Brandt – Chair                Brett Pollard – Vice-Chair
Tim Hubick, Treasurer                                  Satinder Bains, PRC Representative
Michelle Lang, RWC                                     Karen Zoller, RVP Agriculture
Martha Johnson, PSAC Regional Representative

Regrets:    Larry Skibicki – Secretary 

1.    The meeting commenced at 5:35 p.m.

2.    M/S/C        Brett/Tim

That the meeting agenda be adopted as circulated.

3.    M/S/C        Tim/Michelle

That the meeting minutes of June 7 be adopted as presented.

4.    Tim reported that effective July 31, 2016 the bank balance was $1,246.86.  Revision of signing officers for the bank account will be initiated with Conxeus.  Tim will notify the other signing officers once Conexus has the signature cards are ready.
M/S/C        Satinder/Brett
That Melissa be reimbursed in the amount of $19.69 for dinner expenses.
5.    PRC Update:

•    The first regional conference for racially visible members was just held in Winnipeg.  The conference was very well received and a long time coming.  Approximately 50 delegates attended along with our REVP (Marianne Hladun) and the PSAC National President (Robyn Benson).  The conference explored ways to renew our labour movement.  Delegates have started to network with each other and there is a renewed energy.
•    PRC will hold its next meeting in Calgary from November 3-6.

6.    Due to inclement weather the 2016 Labour Day picnic was cancelled.  Notice of the cancellation was received at the last minute however Melissa was able to return all the boxes of fruit snacks she had picked up for distribution at the picnic so no expenses were incurred.

7.    The Unions of Regina Christmas dinner will be proceeding.  The dinner will be held on December 20 at the Delta.
The meeting adjourned at 6:20 p.m.

Next meeting dates:  October 27, All Committees Strategy Meeting; November 1, Area Council