Regina Area Council Minutes (September 18, 2014)

Regina Area Council

Meeting Minutes

September 18, 2014


Melissa Brandt – Chair                                      
Satinder Bains – Vice-Chair
Dan Grunert, Treasurer                                      
Brett Pollard, Secretary
Richard Dolinski, L40008                                  
Milt Dyck, Agriculture Component
Marianne Hladun, REVP Prairies


The meeting commenced at 5:45 p.m.


M/S/C               Brett/Richard


That the agenda be adopted as circulated.


M/S/C               Dan/Satinder


That the minutes of the June 4, 2014 meeting be adopted as circulated.


Treasurer’s Report:


Brother Dan reported a letter was sent to Area Council on June 12 advising the financial statements had not been submitted to the REVP’s office.  The statements, together with the completed reporting forms had been provided to the former PRC Representative for Area Council in accordance with the required process however the documentation was not submitted by the former PRC Representative.  Brother Dan advised that once he became aware of the situation he forwarded the documentation to Sister Marianne.  Sister Marianne indicated a copy of the budget was still needed and that the new PRC Representative would need to sign the completed reporting forms.  Sister Melissa had a hand-written copy of the budget previously developed and passed it to Brother Dan to provide to the REVP’s office.


Brother Dan reported the current bank balance was $2,042.47.


M/S/C               Brett/Richard


That Brother Satinder be reimbursed the amount of $91.19 for dinner expenses.


Update by PRC Representative:


Brother Satinder reported the first meeting of PRC would be held over the upcoming weekend in conjunction with the Prairie Region Summit.  He had also attended the Labour Day picnic held in Wascana Park.


Collective Bargaining Update and Mobilization:


Sister Marianne reported the Prairie Region Summit being held over the coming weekend was intended to begin planning for member mobilization.  There was a discussion on approaches to engaging members and providing them current information on collective bargaining.  Sister Marianne believes members have an appetite for information; however, it is up to them to become involved in their union.  The employer is exercising a number of tactics which are requiring us to find creative ways to fight back.  Locals need to start now on assessing the health of their local and ensuring they know how to contact members.


Election of PSAC Delegate and Alternate:


Sister Melissa turned the chair over to Sister Marianne who conducted the elections for delegate and alternate to PSAC convention.  Sister Melissa Brandt elected as Area Council delegate and Brother Brett Pollard elected as the alternate.


The meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.  Next meeting:         October 15, 2014