Regina Area Council minutes – November 29, 2018

Meeting minutes from November 29, 2018

Regina and Area – Area Council Meeting
November 29, 2018

Call to Order – 5:30 pm

In Attendance:  Tim H, Melissa B, Satinder B, Chris G, Jessica B, Dani A, Michelle L, Martha J

Motion to approve last meeting minutes: Chris G/Satinder B – Passed

Motion to approve Agenda: Chris G, Jessica B – Passed

Financial Report:  Bank Balance $1090.91

Motion to Reimburse Union of Saskgaming Employees for $341.48 for Labour Day Supplies – Satinder B, Chris G – Passed

Talked about the receipts that were provided.  They were in Michelle’s Purse and a drink exploded in her purse damaging the receipts.  Tim was with Michelle when the purchases were made.  

Chris Strain was wondering if he could get reimbursed for the paint used to create signs for the phoenix rally.  If he produces receipts he will.

Motion to adopt the Financial Report – Tim, Chris G – Passed

Old Business:

6 am Rally was a success, about 20 people showed and good media coverage.

Ac Rep – Just had our Regional Health and Safety conference it was well attended.  Was way too short.  Needs to be a week.  Especially talking about Mental Health.  

New Business:

Ideas around Phoenix  

Rallies, after work rallies

Frustrating to get people out.  

Chris G. suggested that we need to bleed the Fed Government cause getting in their face isn’t working.  Martha stated that the only way to do that is to start filing for every pay discrepancy.

Discussion on Union History

We have to start Lobbying Ralph Goodale.  

Talking about different thing we could do and pitch it to National

Post Card Campaign possibly

Suggestion of another rally, the committee does not feel it is affective because it is too cold to dark etc.

Adjourned: 6:54 pm Chris G, Jessica B – Passed