Regina Area Council Minutes (June 4, 2014)

Regina Area Council
Meeting Minutes
June 4, 2014
Present   Melissa Brandt – Chair                              Tim Hubick – 4A008
               Satinder  Bains – Vice Chair                     Dan Grunert – Treasurer
               Richard Donlinski – 40008                        Brett Pollard – Secretary
Regrets Michael Schell L40064
Meeting commenced at 5:45pm
M/S/C   Dan / Richard
Adopt minutes from last meeting
M/S/C   Brett / Dan
Adoption of Treasurers’   report 
a) Current Bank balance
b) 2014  Budget
c) Payment of dinner expenses
Prairie Regional Convention
There was discussion about the regional convention 
Melissa had said how she was looking forward of going and networking with other union members
– Found out that since minutes from AGM were going in late prairie regional might not cover all of the Delegate’s expenses for the convention 
NPSW Boycott
Discussed about getting word out to the other locals to boycott national public service week by not attending the BBQ that the Government of Canada puts on.
2014 Projects
There was talk that for the NPSW that would put on an   BBQ the day before NPSW. Also was talk that instead of having the day before NPSW.  Discussed that if Area council did put on a BBQ to show the hard work that our members are doing we decided that might be best to wait and hold the BBQ till the beginning of Bargaining with the Government. Sort of as a kick off to the bargaining week.
Was discussed about maybe having a table out at the Dragon boat Races again this year.
Collective Bargaining – Town hall and multi – local Meetings
There was discussion that the town hall and the multi-local meetings went good there was a lot of information. And pamphlets were given out 
Other business
Discussion was brought up about the women who was attacked on Victoria ave , Brett mentioned that there was a vegail for this woman called taking back the street 
The Meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm