Regina Area Council Minutes (June 15, 2015)

Meeting Minutes for Regina Area Council June 15, 2015

Regina Area Council
Meeting Minutes
June 15, 2015

Melissa Brandt – Chair                Mark Gilchrist – Vice-Chair
Dan Grunert, Treasurer                Satinder Bains –AC PRC Rep
Deanna Getz, L40022                Michelle Lang, L40005
Tim Hubick, L4A008                Nathaniel Cole, L40010
Diane Allen, Regional Rep

Regrets:    Larry Skibicki, Secretary

1.    The meeting commenced at 5:30 p.m.

2.    M/S/C        Dan/Michelle

That the agenda be adopted with the additions of ‘election campaigning’ under item 6 and ‘RWC Flash Mob’ under other business.

3.    M/S/C        Dan/Tim

That the minutes for the January 21, 2015 meeting be adopted as circulated.

4.    Treasurer’s Report:

Brother Dan reported the closing bank balance on May 31 was $1,375.91.  There were two cheques which cleared in April; one was for the meals from the January meeting and from the AGM, the other cheque was for the delegate registration to PSAC Convention.

Brother Dan also reported that we did not receive our 2015 allocation from PSAC Prairie Region due to reporting deficiencies.  Although our financial reporting statements were routed through the PRC Representative they were not signed and submitted by the Representative.  In addition we were required to submit our bylaws in hard copy even though they are on the Prairie Region website and have not been amended since they were adopted.  A discussion about ensuring the deficiencies outlined in the letter received from the REVP were corrected took place and the forms were printed again so they could be signed by Brother Satinder before he left the meeting.

5.    Update by PRC Representative:

Brother Satinder reported the PRC has been conducting conference calls concerning the day of action and political action activities.  The Regina Area Council has been identified to target the Lewvan riding because it is expected the NDP have a good shot at taking it.  Brother Mark reported he has a meeting booked with Ray Boughen on June 25.  USGE will be holding a day of action at the RCMP Depot on June 19; members who are interested in participating should meet at the main gate on Dewdney Avenue.  There is a door-knocking course under development for delivery in the targeted ridings (1 in Regina and 2 in Saskatoon).

6.    2015 Projects Discussion and Update:

a.    Sister Melissa reported she composed and sent out through the Regina office a letter to locals encouraging them to boycott employer events during NPSW.
b.    There was a discussion about participating in the Labour Day picnic now organized by the SK Building Trades.  Sister Melissa indicated she had been in contact with Gunner Passmore who advised Bonnie McDougall is taking over coordinating organizing meetings.  Sister Melissa had spoken with Sister Bonnie but a date for a first planning meeting had not yet been selected.  Possible snack items for distribution were discussed (i.e., freezies, snowcones, popcorn).  Sister Diane offered to call the SK Building Trades to try and get a date for the first planning meeting.
c.    Sister Diane advised training on door-knocking within targeted ridings is under development and will be ready for delivery shortly.  The Human Rights Committee are interested in doing a project within North Central to register voters for the upcoming federal election.  The Committee is looking for assistance/support from Regina Area Council.  The project would require turbo sticks and laptops.  Possible registration locations include Core Ritchie, The Gathering Place and the Friendship Center.

7.    Other Business:

Sister Michelle reported the Regina Women’s Committee would like to organize a flash mob and are looking for participants.  Sister Michelle recently participated in two flash mobs and found the experience good.  No date/location has been selected yet; however Area Council attendees expressed interest in participating when a date/location is determined.

The meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.  Next meeting:    September 16, 2015