Regina Area Council Meeting Minutes (September 20, 2023)

Regina Area Council Meeting

Meeting Date:  September 20, 2023
Zoom Meeting
Time:  7:30 PM – (Saskatchewan)

Committee Members Present

Daniela Furkert (Local 40005 Casino Regina)
Tim Hubick (RCMP 40002 Depo. committee chair)
Jessica Bonish (CEIU local 40811)
Brayden Haul (CEIU local 40811)
Amy Stoik (CEIU local 40811)
Shawna Goodman (CEIU local 40811)
Diane White (PSAC Regional Rep)
John O Wilkinson local 40802
Melissa Brandt (Local 40064)
Laurie Wyatt
Angela Stulberg
Michelle Hofer
Tracy William (CEIU local 40811)
Melissa Richmond
Robinson Joseph (AAFC Local 40054 Swift Current)


Meeting Chaired by: Tim Hubick

  1. Call to order 7: 30 PM
  2. Land acknowledgement.  Tim Hubick read the land acknowledgement
  3. Harassment Statement. Tim Hubick read the Harassment Statement
  4. Round of introduction
  5. Motion to adopt minutes from last meeting made by Jessica and second by Daniela. Motion was carried
  6. Financial Report. Balance from January 31st 2023, $839.52. Balance March 31th, $332.22. April 1st 2023 with a printed statement fee of $2.50, balance was $329.72.Statements for April, May, June and July 2023, was$327.22, $324.72 and $324.72 respectively with a $2.50 statement fee for each statement. July 1st balance was $ 322.22. July 20th PSAC payment of $1500.00, bringing bank balances to $1822.22. Daniela moved the motion for the financial report as presented and was second by Robinson. Motion to accept financial report was carried.
  7. Old Business: updates on bank signing authority will be provided when new information become available
  8. New Business: Update for Labour Day expenses was tabled and was $205.70. Motion to reimburse Amy for labour day expenses was carried
  9. Housekeeping for election process. (Dianne White)  
    -There are specific criteria set out by PSAC constitution and the bylaws of Area Council. A council must be in compliance in conjunction with PSAC constitution about who can vote. Only member in good standing can vote. Each affiliated local or branch and DCL shall be entitled  to 2 delegates for the first 500 members and 1 additional delegate for each additional 500 members
    -After the breakout room session, Angela Stulberg, Laurie Wyatt and Michelle Hofer were selected as members that will be voting for CEIU local 40811.
    -Elections: Delegates to represent the Regina Area Council at the 2024 PSAC triennial convention. Tim Hubick was elected as delegate to represent the council, Brayden Hurl as 1st alternate delegate and John O Wilkinson as 2nd alternate delegate.
  1. Labour Day Debrief: Activities met expectation, everyone had fun, weather condition was not ideal but turnout was good
  2. Round Table: Diane White. There will be a PSAC Young Worker Committee meeting in Regina on September 28, 2023 at 06:00 PM. The meeting will be virtual and in-person. It will be for members 35 years old and younger
  3. Motion for adjournment moved by Jessica at 9:48PM September 20, 2023