Regina Area Council Meeting Minutes (March 28, 2023)

Council Members Present

Jessica Bunish (CEIU local 40811)
Diane White (PSAC Regional Rep)
Daniela Furkert (PSAC Local 40005 Casino Regina)
Tim Hubick (RCMP 40002 Depo. committee chair)
John O Wilkinson (local 40802)
Brea Baresinkoff.  (Southern Saskatchewan Geographic rep.)
Brayden Hurl (local CIU 40811)
Robinson Joseph (AAFC Local 40054 Swift Current)


Meeting Chaired by: Tim Hubick

  1. Call to order 5: 30
  2. Land acknowledgement.  Tim Hubick read the land acknowledgement
  3. Harassment Statement. Tim Hubick read the Harassment Statement
  4. Motion to adopt Agenda. Moved by Daniela and second by Robinson. Motion passed unanimously.
  5.  Round of introduction
  6. Old Business:  None
  7. New Business: Motion to have Alex removed from the bank signatory moved by Jessica and second by Daniela. Motion carried unanimously. Brea; (1) committee not in good standing. (2) Brainstorming on what committee would want to do going forward.
  8. Proposed budget: Daniela;

          Projected cost:

  1. AGM $200.00
  2. Events and projects expenses $750.00
  3. Union Christmas dinner $750.00
  4. Remembrance Day Ribbons $450.00
  5. Banking Fees $50.00

         Total projected expenses $2200.00
         Available bank balance $844.32
         Difference ($1355.68)

Motion to adopt the proposed budget was moved by Daniela and second by Jessica. Motion Carried.

  • Round table. Diane; The Prairie convention host committee is looking forvolunteers,particularly delegates coming to the convention.Volunteers are needed for donation for a silent auction in support of Lulu’s Lodge. Brea; Attend strike training and reach out for help if things are not going well. Explore avenues to get involved with union activities, and be pro-active in capacity building efforts within the union.