Regina Area Council Meeting Minutes (July 12, 2022)

In Attendance: Brea Baresinkoff, Tim Hubick, Michelle Lang, Daniela Furkert, Alex Decarie, John Wilkinson, Jessica Bonish

Call to order and Welcome 5:32

Land Acknowledgment: Tim read the land acknowledgement

Reading of the Harassment Statement: Tim read the harassment statement

Financial Report: As of June 30th, 2022 the balance is $127.90. The signing authorities are up to date.

M) by Dani to accept the financial report 2) Michelle – carried

Approval of Previous Minutes: M) by Alex to approve minutes 2) Dani – carried

Old Business: none

New Business: Allocations have not been received yet, but we should hear something in the next week.

Labour Day Planning: discussion on the upcoming labour day picnic being held on Sept 5th downtown near Victoria Park. Expecting between 500-800 people. Committee discussed ideas of what they would hand out, along with the supplies from PSAC.  Tim and Michelle will attend the planning meeting being held on August 5th with the other unions. The committee would like a poster sent out to all locals promoting the labour day event. The committee has budgeted $500 for this event. Tim will look into renting a candy floss machine and find out if plug-ins will be available at the location, if not we will hand out boxed snacks. The committee discussed holding a bubble gum contest during the event.

M) for the committee to rent a candy floss machine & buy candy floss to hand out at the Labour Day picnic if plug-ins are available. If not, to buy individually packaged snacks, bubble gum and boxes of crayons to hand out. 2) Jessica – carried

Volunteers for Labour day picnic: Tim, Michelle, Dani (for a little while) and Jessica said maybe.

Bargaining Update: for TB, CRA, FB and Casino Regina delivered by regional rep.

Round Table: nothing.

Next Meeting: Tuesday August 30th 7:30 via zoom

Meeting adjourned at 6:08pm