Regina Area Council AGM Meeting Minutes (February 22, 2023)

Committee Members Present

Alex (local 40811 )
Todd Jesse (PSAC regional rep)
Daniela Furkert (PSAC Casino Regina)
Tim Hubick (RCMP 40002 Depo. committee chair)
Robinson Joseph (AAFC Local 40054 Swift Current)
Michele (local 40005 Casino Regina)
Adam (CEIU Local 40811)
Shauna (local 4081)
Wade (CIU Local 40031)
Bailey (CEIU Local 40811)
Amanda (CEIU Local 40811)
Laurie Wyatt   

Meeting Chaired by: Tim Hubick

  1. Call to order 5: 30
  2. Land acknowledgement.  Tim Hubick read the land acknowledgement
  3. Harassment Statement. Tim Hubick read the Harassment Statement
  4. Motion to adopt Agenda. Moved by Robinson and second by Michele. Motion passed unanimously.
  5. Round of introduction
  6. Report of the chair.  We have to do more with activities because not much was done since last meeting. However, we did summit some resolutions to the prairie Region Tri-annual Convention. We submitted a total of 5 resolutions
  7. Motion to review and approve minutes from last meeting – Moved by Michele, second by Robinson. Motion was carried
  8. Financial Report presented by Daniela- Account Bank Balance as of December 1, 2022 is $844.32. Motion to accept report was moved by Daniela and second by Shauna. Motion passed
  9. Old Business:  
  10. New Business:
  11. Elections: Position of chair, Tim was nominated by Robinson second by Michelle. Tim acclaimed to the position of Chair. Vice chair Michele was nominated by Tim second by Laurie. Michelle acclaimed to the position of vice chair. Tim nominated Robinson for position of secretary. Robinson acclaimed to the position of secretary. Robinson nominated Daniela for the position of Treasurer, second by Michelle and acclaimed to the position. Delegates to Regional, Daniela nominated by Michelle and second by Robinson. Daniela acclaimed as delegate to Regional, Shauna was elected as 1st alternate and Laurie as second alternate.
  12. Round Table -Tim going to work with members of council to prepare budget
  13. Oath of  office conducted by  Jesse Todd
  1. Motion for adjournment moved by Tim at 6:29PM