Regina Area Council Meeting Minutes (December 13, 2022)

Meeting start 5:32pm Regina local time

In attendance: Alex, Brea, Tim, Robinson, John, Diane White, Michelle, Daniela, 


Daniela motioned to adopt the minutes

Michelle seconded the motion.

Tim read land acknowledgement and read harassment policy

Individual introductions

Michelle motions to adopt the previous minutes from July 12 2022

John seconded the motion

  • On the vote all voted in favour

Financial report from Daniela

Daniela Moved to adopt the financial report

Robinson seconded

  • Vote carried all votes in favour

Old business

New business 

  • Christmas dinner
  • Tim and ? will get a cheque to a dinner the council has supported in the past.
  • PSAC PRC meetings resolution
    • Moving forward to get new resolution at Regina local to allow zoom meetings to substitute in person meetings when weather is a factor.
    • Tim as the chair has elected to abstain from voting regarding this motion.
    • Brea offered to make an amendment to the second whereas to change the language to make the motion more open to offer hybrid meeting options when where circumstances exist that could reasonably prevent someone from attending a meeting. 
    • John offered an amendment to widen by adding unforeseen. 
    • Alex asked a point of information regarding if meetings required being in person vs hybrid. 
    • Brea argued that the word unforeseen be removed as it may preclude issues such as childcare.  Robinson seconded this.
    • Robinson questioned why meetings must be in person vs not being hybrid. 
  • A certain explanation was not readily available. 
  • Robinson argued that PRC meetings be able to be carried out over the internet and not be in person. 
  • Daniella argued to amend the resolution to state that meetings to be mandated to happen two in session meetings vs in person.
  • Tim Called the question
    • All votes in favour motion carried
  • Barrier free Education resolution
    • Brea argued to amend wording to allow for broader definitions of persons with disabilities and to expand that hybrid options be made available from PSAC
    • Robinson amended the resolution remove the words introduce and encourage regarding the existence of previous training and that the word all be removed from future training plans so that training isn’t limited.
    • Tim called the question
      • Vote carried
  • Future meeting will be held December 28th 530pm Regina local time to go through remaining resolutions
  • PRC update by Brea that resolutions for the convention are due December 28th, resolutions must be less than 150 words. Deadlines for nominations. 
  • Motion to recess by Brea seconded by Michelle
    • Carried