Regina Area Council Meeting Minutes (Apr 19, 2021)

Regina Area Council PSAC

Meeting Apr 19, 2021


  • Michelle Lang
  • Diane White
  • Glenn Hollyoake
  • Jessica Bonish
  • Daniela Aubichon
  • Tim Hubick
  • Robinson Joseph

Call to order at 6: 07 PM

Harassment Statement

Treaty Acknowledgement

Motion to adopt minutes from last meeting

  • Daniela, 2nd by Tim
  • Approval  of minutes from last meeting

Financial Report presented by Daniela Aubichon

$2.50 paper fee is currently charged to account. Will contact bank to ascertain why this is hapening

Motion to accept financial report

  • Daniela, 2nd by Tim
  • Approval of financial report

Old Business

No outstanding matter

New Business:

Glenn Hollyoake

  • Preparations for upcoming election
  • Lobbing for vaccination
  • Letter writing campaign? (CIU)
  • Glenn to email with new information

Michelle Lang: Is PSAC going to have a Town Hall this time?

Diane White: There are no concrete plans for a Town Hall for now

Round Table

Tim Hubick: Updates on Human Rights Committee activities

  • Ramadan
  • Asian History Month
  • Indigenous Nations

Diane White:

  • TUB course May 7 & 8. Register on the PSAC Prairies website
  • Contracting back in campaign continues for UNDE members in Moose Jaw. CRA has launched their own contracting back in campaign.
  • Public Service week party planning committee seeking volunteers for a virtual meeting

 Meeting adjourned at 6:30 PM