Regina Area Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the January 8, 2014 Regina Area Council meeting
Regina Area Council

Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2014


Present:    Melissa Brandt – Chair, Satinder Bains – Vice-Chair, Dan Grunert, Treasurer, Richard Dolinski, L4A008, Michael Schell,L40064           Diane Allen, PSAC Representative, Marianne Hladun, REVP – Prairies

 Regrets:            Brett Pollard – Secretary\

 The meeting commenced at 5:45 p.m.

 M/S/C               Richard/Dan

 That the agenda be adopted as circulated.

 M/S/C               Dan/Satinder

 That the previous meeting minutes of October 9, 2013 be adopted as presented.

 Remembrance Day Ceremony:

 Sister Melissa attended the service held at the Cenotaph in Victoria Park.  Unfortunately our order for a wreath was not processed in time, therefore one was not marked for placement by Area Council.  The Regina Women’s Committee (RWC) had also ordered a wreath however, due to illness; no representative from the RWC was in attendance to place it.  Sister Melissa laid the RWC wreath on behalf of the committee.

 The cheque Sister Melissa mailed to the Legion as payment for the wreath ordered by Area Council has now been processed.  A cheque in the amount of $68.00 will be issued to Sister Melissa as reimbursement.

 Unions of Regina Christmas Dinner:

 Our donation cheque with covering letter was dropped off at the Union Centre by Sister Melissa.

 2014 Toiletry Campaign:

 Sister Melissa reported that the RWC and the Human Rights Committees have both expressed interest in participating in the campaign.  The letter previously used will be updated and sent out to locals requesting donations.

 Treasurer’s Report:


  • Brother Dan reported our current bank balance as of November 30 was $2,252.26.

  • There was a discussion about preparation of the financial statements and 2014 budget for the upcoming AGM.  Sister Marianne indicated the budget did not need to be passed at an AGM but could be approved at a subsequent meeting.  There will be no change to the annual financial statement reporting forms implemented by the REVP in 2013.  Brother Dan anticipated the year end bank statement would be received from Affinity in early January which would allow sufficient time to prepare the financial statements for the AGM if held in early February.

 M/S/C               Michael/Satinder

 That Sister Melissa be reimbursed $19.99 for dinner expenses from tonight’s meeting.



  • There was a discussion about the requirement to hold the AGM prior to February 12 in order to ensure election of the Area Council delegate to Prairie Region Convention was completed and the delegate credentials submitted to the REVP’s office before the February 12 deadline set out in the Convention call package.  Sister Marianne clarified the deadline date stated in the call out was intended for Locals; not for Area Councils or Committees.  In response to questions about the registration fee Sister Marianne confirmed the fee applies to Locals and not Area Councils or Committees.  She indicated she would be sending a message to Area Councils and Committees in order to clarify the requirements.

  • There was a discussion about the limitations of available locations in the Region to hold Prairie Region Convention taking into consideration unionized venues, transportation logistics and cost.

  • Brother Dan outlined some ideas he had for resolutions to be submitted to Prairie Region Convention such as completing a review of Regulation 15a, changing the funding structure of the Social Justice Fund, eliminating the youth representative and reducing the number of geographical representatives.

  • The date of February 5 was selected for the AGM.  Additional dates were selected to complete yearly planning and address resolutions for Prairie Region Convention.

 The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

 Next meeting:                February 5, 2014 (AGM)

                                    February 12, 2014 (Budget preparation and annual planning)

                                    February 26, 2014 (Resolutions and budget approval)