Regina Area Council Meeting (July 20, 2015)

Meeting minutes for the Regina Area Council

Regina Area Council
Meeting Minutes
July 20, 2015

Present:    Melissa Brandt – Chair                Dan Grunert, Treasurer
Larry Skibicki, Secretary                Satinder Bains –AC PRC Rep
Deanna Getz, L40022                Richard Dolinski, L4A008
Milton Dyck, RVP Agriculture            Marianne Haldun, REVP
Diane Allen, Regional Rep

Regrets:    Mark Gilchrist, Vice-Chair

1.    The meeting commenced at 5:30 p.m.

2.    M/S/C        Dan/Deanna

That the agenda be adopted as circulated.

3.    M/S/C        Dan/Larry

That the minutes for the June 15, 2015 meeting be adopted as circulated.

4.    Labour Day Picnic:

Brother Larry attended the planning meeting held on July 10 in the SK Building Trades Boardroom.  The next meeting is set for August 7.  Participants must provide confirmation of participation and funds prior to the next meeting.  PSAC has not participated in the Regina event for several years now.  Last year there were 4000 hotdogs served and this year they are projecting to serve 6000.  Sister Melissa priced out some possible snack options for distribution and it was agreed to go with the Treetop Fruit Snack pouches from Costco.  A budget proposal will be prepared and submitted to Sister Marianne for approval.  We will also plan to distribute some PSAC branded items such as balloons and temporary tattoos.  Set-up at Wascana Park is 10:00 a.m.; we will meet at the PSAC office by 9:30 to pickup the shelter, tables, and other supplies for the booth.  Confirmed to assist:  Melissa, Dan, Larry and Mark.

5.    Update by PRC Representative:

Area Councils are to focus on developing a federal election strategy.

6.    Election Strategy Planning:

The federal election is less than 100 days away.  Polling has been remaining consistent and it seems the Regina Lewvan riding is where we can have some influence in getting the NDP candidate elected.  From July 28 to August 5 there will be training offered for members willing to go door knocking wherever we have a targeted riding.  We need to highlight EI cuts, food safety, veterans, climate change and the environment, border security, and search and rescue.  The PSAC will be running radio spots and sponsoring billboards nationally and well as have a big presence on social media.  We can continue to campaign until the Writ drops; however once that happens we must be cautious to ensure we are in compliance with the elections act.

After some discussion it was agreed to submit three budget proposals as follows:

i.    Sponsor an all-candidates forum for Regina Lewvan;
ii.    Conduct member phone banks during the week of October 14; and,
iii.    Distribute issue based flyers through a mail-out campaign.

Sister Melissa to prepare the budget proposals for each activity and submit them to Sister Marianne for approval.  Once a response is received another meeting will be scheduled to finalize plans for the all-candidates forum.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.  Next meeting:    September 14, 2015