Regina Area Council Draft Minutes (February 5, 2014 AGM)

Draft Minutes from Regina Area Council AGM February 5, 2014


In Attendance:

Melissa Brandt, Chair                                        Satinder Bains, Vice-Chair
Brett Pollard, Secretary                                     Dan Grunert, Treasurer
Shaun Brennand, PRC Area Council Rep        Tim Hubick, L4A008
Michelle Lang, L40005                                      Joel Kelly, L40721
Michael Schell, L40064                                     Marianne Hladun, REVP
Diane Allan, PSAC Representative                   Todd Panas, President UEW

Meeting called to order at 5:50 pm.

Attendees were asked to sign the attendance sheet which was circulated and a round table of introductions was completed.

Adoption of Agenda:

M/S/C Brett/ Satinder            That the agenda be adopted as presented.

Adoption of 2013 AGM Minutes:

M/S/C Dan/Shaun                 That the minutes for the 2013 AGM be adopted as presented.

Report of Chair:

Sister Melissa presented her report on 2013 activities (attached).

M/S/C Melissa/Dan              To accept the report of the chair as presented.

Report of PRC Area Council Representative:

Brother Shaun presented his report as the Regina Area Council Representative on PRC (attached).

M/S/C Shaun/Michael          To Accept the report of the Area Council Representative as presented.

2013 Financial Review:

Brother Dan presented the report of the Audit Committee (attached).

M/S/C Dan/Tim                   To accept the report of the committee as received.

M/S/C Michael/Brett           That Sister Melissa be reimbursed the cost of meal expenses in the amount of $115.25

Election of Area Council Officers:

Diane Allan opened the floor for the election of officers.

Chair – Sister Melissa

Vice- Chair – Brother Satinder

Secretary – Brother Brett

Treasurer – Brother Dan

Following election of the officers Sister Allan administered the oath of office.


Election of PRC Regina Area Council Representative and Alternates:

Representative – Brother Satinder

1st Alternate – Sister Melissa

2nd Alternate – Brother Dan


Election of Prairie Convention Delegates:

Delegate – Sister Melissa

Alternate – Brother Brett


Other Discussion:

Sister Marianne reported a budget watch would be held on February 11 at the Ramada from 2 to 4 pm. Issues in the forefront right now include veterans, the senate, public service pay cuts and collective bargaining. The upcoming Prairie Union School will be focused more on political action. The PRC is presently working on development of templates for committees to assist with creating meeting agendas, preparing minutes and submitting reqests for information to be added to the website.


The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.