Regina Area Council Budget Meeting Minutes (March 8, 2022)

Regina Area Council Budget Meeting – 8 March 2022

In Attendance:           

Tim Hubick – Chair
Alex Decarie – Co-chair
Daniela Furkert – Treasurer
Jessica Bonish
John O. Wilkinson
Diane White PSAC Rep

  • Call to order. Tim called the meeting to order at 1840 welcomed everyone to the meeting. He read the Harassment and Treaty acknowledgement.
  • Tim requested new business, he stated we needed to remove Michelle off the bank account and put Alex on. Tim moved to enter this as new business and have it passed, Jessica seconded motion passed.
  • Tim asked if there was any other new business and if the agenda (attached) be adopted for the meeting.  Tim moved the agenda be adopted seconded by John, motion passed.
  • Tim turned the meeting over to Daniella for the financial report.  
  • Daniella gave a report on the funds we would be requesting:
  • 200.00        AGM;
  • 100.00        Honorarium and things for different councils, women, and human rights etc.
  • 500.00        Donation Union Xmas Dinner for the less fortunate;
  • 500.00        Labour day picnic;
  • 700.00        Lobby activates;
  • 450.00        Phoenix rally;
  • 75.00          Wreath for Remembrance Day for South Saskatchewan Committee
  • We will be asking for a total of 3875 less the 132.90 left over so total: $3732.10 was voted on and passed. 
  • Motion to adopt the financial statement made by Daniella seconded by Tim, passed.
  • General discussion and round table about contacting Members of Parliament to rally for support.
  • Tim discussed a good time for next meeting he stated you will get a few dates to choose from so pick the best ones and the meeting will be set from that.
  • Tim motioned to adjourn at 1903 seconded by Alex.  Meeting adjourned.