Regina Area Council AGM Minutes – October 11, 2017

Meeting minutes for October 11, 2017

Regina District Area Council
Annual General Meeting Minutes
October 11, 2017
In attendance:
Melissa Brandt, Chair Tim Hubick, Treasurer
Satinder Bains, PRC Representative Michelle Lang, RWC Chair
Daniela Aubichon, L40005 Taylor Longheed, L4A008
Tracy Stevens, L40064 Brea Lewis, CBSA
Nadia Akbar-Kamal, L40811 Diana Jackson, L40811
Rafiq Ronbi, L40811 Karen Zoller, RVP SK – AGR
Martha Johnson, PSAC Representative
Meeting called to order at 5:30 p.m.
Attendees signed an attendance sheet put on circulation and a round table of introductions was completed followed by the reading of the PSAC statement on harassment.
Adoption of Agenda:
M/S/C Michelle/Daniela That the agenda be adopted with the addition of FB mobilization under other discussion.
Adoption of March 7, 2017 AGM Minutes:
M/S/C Tim/Michelle That the minutes for the 2017 AGM be adopted with correction to the spelling of Daniela’s name.
Report of Chair:
Sister Melissa presented her report on 2017 activities completed to date (Appendix 1).
M/S/C Melissa/Tracy To accept the report of the Chair as presented.
Report of PRC Area Council Representative:
PRC Representative, Satinder Bains, noted that we all extended sympathy to Sister Hladun on the passing of her father and were keeping her close in our thoughts and prayers.  Leadership training will be held in Ottawa within the next several weeks.  Attended a demonstration at Ralph Goodale’s office and also held a meeting with Erin Weir on the Phoenix pay system.  Participated in the Labour Day Picnic and a vigil in memory of the nightclub victims slain in Florida.
Treasurer’s Report:
Tim reported the current bank balance is $1,144.00.
M/S/C Michelle/Satinder To reimburse all expenses for the Labour Day Picnic (Melissa $230.66; Tim $12.52; Sandra $22.28) and tonight’s meeting expenses (Melissa $18.85).
Election of Area Council Officers:
Sister Martha Johnson opened the floor and called for nominations for the election of officers.
Chair – Sister Michelle Lang
Vice-Chair – Sister Melissa Brandt
Secretary – Sister Nadia Akbar-Kamal
Treasurer – Brother Tim Hubick
PSAC Delegate – Sister Melissa Brandt
M/S/C Michelle/Brea That we nominate and elect 2 alternate delegates to PSAC Convention.
1st Alternate Delegate – Brother Satinder Bains
2nd Alternate Delegate – Brother Tim Hubick
M/S/C Brea/Michelle That the ballots be destroyed
Following completion of the elections Sister Johnson administered the oath of office to Sisters Michelle and Melissa and Brother Tim.
It was noted the banking officers will need to be amended by removing Giselle Henry and adding Michelle Lang.  Sister Melissa and Brother Tim to remain as they were each re-elected to the officer positions.
Sister Melissa resumed the chair.
Other Discussion:
Sister Brea informed attendees the FB group is still presently without a contract and will be entering into a public interest process.  It is expected a report will be received in the new year.  A key issue is that the employer does not consider border services officers to be performing law enforcement duties.  They will be launching a national campaign to speak with all MP’s.  In SK there is only Ralph Goodale however he has refused to meet claiming the issue is not grounds for bargaining.  The next step will be to organize a demonstration at Goodale’s office.  As soon as a date/time has been determined it will be provided as they will need members to come out and support.
Brother Tim report the Human Rights Committee will be holding an open house on December 9.  It will be a potluck event with donations for the Foodbank requested.
Sister Michelle reported SGEU is holding a stop the cuts rally on October 25 at the legislature.  Participants will meet at the museum at 11:30 and then proceed over.  A Face Book event has been created for requiring shuttle service to sign-up for.
Sister Tracy reported that L40064 is pursuing the launch of an ad campaign on city buses to highlight Phoenix pay issues.
The meeting adjourned at 7: 30 p.m.
Appendix 1
2017 Activity Report
Chair, PSAC Regina Area Council
• Since the last AGM held on March 7, 2017, Area Council held meetings on May 3 and June 28.  There was also a meeting to finalize arrangements for the Labour Day Picnic on August 24.
• During NPSW a Phoenix pay issues awareness event was held within the downtown over the lunch hour.  We had lots of laughs preparing sign-boards prior to the event and thanks is extended to the hard-working staff in our Regional Office for organizing bagged lunches to be provided to members.  Although the event was poorly attended we were happy to be joined by a number of members who were anxious to draw the public’s attention to the continued pay issues being suffered by public servants.
• Prepared and forwarded responses to questions received from Sister Hladun concerning the 2016 financial reporting and 2017 budget; received a response and approval from Sister Hladun on August 29.
• We again participated in the Labour Day Picnic held in Wascana Park.  Along with myself the following members attended and assisted with our booth:  Satinder Bains, PRC Regina AC Representative, Tim Hubick, Regina AC Treasurer; Sandra Ahenakew, UNE RVP SK Region; Susan O’Hara, Agriculture Local 40225. We distributed rulers, pencils, crayons, erasers, Frisbees, balloons and water bottles. We had an opportunity to speak with Erin Weir and expressed frustration that many PSAC members are still plagued with Phoenix related pay issues. There were also several members of the public who asked us if issues with the Phoenix pay system have been resolved and were very surprised when we responded in the negative.
Melissa Brandt
Chair, Regina Area Council