Regina Area Council AGM Minutes (January 24, 2020)

Regina Area Council Annual General Meeting – January 24, 2020 6:30 pm PSAC Regina 2nd Floor Board Room

Regina Area Council Annual General Meeting – January 24, 2020 6:30 pm PSAC Regina 2nd Floor Board Room

Call to Order:  6:37 pm

Roll Call:  Tim Hubick, Satinder Bains, Michelle Lang, Daniela Aubichon, Jessica Bonnish, Charito Humphreys, Tanya Campbell, Chris Gardner

Land Acknowledgement:  Tim Hubick

Agenda:  Chris Gardner/Satinder Bains – Passed

Last AGM Minutes:  Tim Hubick/Daniela Aubichon – Passed

Financial Report: 

  • January 1, 2019 Balance of $747.13
  • October 21, 2019 Cheque cleared for Labour Day Picnic Supplies to Michelle Lang of $504.66
  • Bank Service fees were $2.30
  • Ending Balance is $240.17
  • Approval of Financial Report:  Tim Hubick/Chris Gardner – Passed

Chair Report: 

This past year we had planned to participate in the Labour Day Picnic.  Which ended up being cancelled due to weather.  We had a couple of Rallies.  We stuffed envelopes for the Federal Election.  This coming year I would like to see more engagement to lobby MLAs and MPs.  I would like to see more rallies and more information getting out there regarding bargaining and Phoenix.  With everyone taking strike votes it is time to focus on helping Federal Bargaining units get fair Contracts.

Submitted by:  Michelle Lang/Charito Humphreys – Passed

New Business:

Bargaining:  Chris Gardner gave us an update on what is happening at federal Tables.  Chris was on the National Joint Strategy Committee.  Mobilization was on Tuesday.  TB consistent through out all the tables.  Delaying, Draw out of Mediation, worse offer than in September.  They say PSAC will not get a strike vote.   More to come, adhering to timelines.  Don’t need the PIC report to hand in Strike Vote.

Focus on MLA’s if we are going to Lobby as Provincial election is coming up.

Martha stated that there are three targeted locals.  USJE, CEIU, UHEW and they are going to keep Area Council in the loop. 

Unifor Lockout:  Charito asked if PSAC is supporting Unifor.  Michelle to reach out to Marianne about a possible release of support. 


Chair: Michelle Lang – nominated by Jessica Bonnish Seconded by Daniela Aubichon; Michelle Lang was Acclaimed

Vice Chair: Daniela Aubichon – nominated by Satinder Bains Seconded by Jessica Bonnish; Daniela Aubichon was Acclaimed

Treasurer: Tim Hubick – nominated by Satinder Bains Seconded by Jessica Bonnish; Tim Hubick was Acclaimed

Secretary: Charito Humphreys – nominated by Daniela Aubichon Seconded by Tim Hubick; Charito Humphreys was Acclaimed

PRC Representative: Daniela Aubichon – nominated by Michelle Lang Seconded by Tim Hubick; Satinder Bains – nominated by Chris Gardner Seconded by Charito Humphreys

Satinder Dropped his name; Daniela won by Acclimation

1st Alternate PRC Rep – Satinder Bains – nominated by Daniela Aubichon Seconded by Michelle Lang; Jessica Bonnish – nominated by Charito Humphreys Seconded by Chris Gardner

Satinder Dropped his name; Jessica Bonnish won by Acclimation

2nd Alternate PRC Rep – Satinder Bains – nominated by Chris Garner Seconded by Michelle Lang; Satinder Bains won by Acclimation

Bank Signatures: Three people will have signing authority which will be the following:

  • Michelle Lang – Chair
  • Daniela Aubichon – Vice Chair
  • Tim Hubick – Treasurer

Please have all old names removed from signing authority.

New Year Goals/Suggestions: Everyone tries and bring a friend; Try not to cross over on Committees; Supply food; Ask for donations for events

Adjourn:  Jessica Bonnish at 7:40 pm