Regina and Area Women’s Committee AGM Meeting Minutes (February 27, 2023) DRAFT

Meeting started at 17:36

Michelle read land acknowledgment.

Harassment statement is in effect.

Roll call

In attendance: Jessica Bonish, Amy Stoik, Daniela Furkert, Sandra Ahenakew, Michelle Lang, Heather Facette, Jacqueline Maurice PSAC Regional Rep

Agenda: everyone agrees with the agenda.

Approval of last year’s AGM minutes: motion to adopt last year’s minutes made by Dani/Sandra second- carried

Treasurer report Daniela presented last years financial report. We have $1336.03 left in bank account as of December 31, 2022

Elections for 2023/2024 Committee:

Election of Chair: Michelle Lang Nominated by Dani /Seconded by Sandra- Acclaimed

Election of Co-chair: Sandra Ahenakew Nominated by Michelle/Seconded by Dani- Acclaimed

Election of Secretary/Treasurer: Daniela Furkert Nominated by Michelle/Seconded by Heather- Acclaimed

Jaquie Maurice swore everyone in

Election of delegate to Triennial Convention:

Delegate: Amy Stoik n) Jessica 2) Daniella- Acclaimed

Sandra Ahenakew alternate n) Michelle 2) Daniella- Acclaimed

Women’s March in Regina: March 11, 2023 10-1 at YWCA Regina, March and community social, they are asking for a donation to cover snacks.  

Motion to donate $100 dollars to Regina Women’s March – by Michelle /seconded by Jessica- Carried

Sandra has donation of Birch roses she would like to donate them to women. Jessica will follow up with possible donation to maybe Sofia house.

Next Meeting April 24th, 2023

Adjourn 18:10