Regina and Area Human Right’s Committee Meeting Minutes (March 8, 2022)

In Attendance: Tim Hubick, Daniella Aubichon, Jessica Bonish, Sandra Ahenakew and Diane White (PSAC Rep)

Call to order    6:00 P.M.

Approval of Agenda – Moved by Jessica Bonish

                                    Seconded by Sandra Ahenakew

New Business

  • Chair Acknowledged today – International Women’s Day.
  • Saskatchewan Federation of Labour shared link for upcoming event on “Inclusion Tour”  with guest speaker Tina Miller happening March 17, 2022. People wishing to participate can register on the website;

Review and Vote on Proposed PSAC HRC 2022-2023 Budget

  • 300      HRC Meeting Expenses for 2022-2023 fiscal Year
  • 200      Projects – Black History Month (Honorarium for speaker, snack, drinks)
  • 200      Orange Shirt Day (Sept 30) Activity
  • 235      National Indigenous Peoples Day (June 21)
  • 450      Pride Regina Event/Parade
  • 350      Bottle Drive for Homeless Youth

Total Budget Request $1,735 minus HRC account Balance of $529.89 = $1,205.11

Motion to approve budget – Jessica Bonish

Seconded by Sandra Ahenakew

All in Favour – Motion carried

Adjournment: 6:25 pm

Next meeting to be determined via Doodle Poll