Regina and Area Human Rights Committee Meeting Minutes (March 28, 2023)

Committee Members Present

Diana White (PSAC regional rep)
Daniela Furkert (PSAC Casino Regina)
Tim Hubick (RCMP Depo. committee chair)
Brea Baresinkoff (Southern Saskatchewan Geographical Rep)
Robinson Joseph (AAFC Swift Current)                                                     +


Meeting Chaired by: Tim Hubick

  1. Land acknowledgement.  Tim Hubick read the land acknowledgement
  2. Harassment Statement. Tim Hubick read the Harassment Statement
  3. Motion to amend agenda. Moved by Brea and second by Daniela.
  4. Old Business:  None.
  1. New Business: Brea; Callout for the National Equity Conference is out. Brea employs everyone to apply and share application with others. Deadline for resolution is April 14, 2023. Proposed committee meeting on April 12, 2022.This meeting will be for resolutions only, and 7:30 PM was suggested.
  1. Proposed Budgets: Daniela;
  2. AGM $300.00
  3. Swift Current Pride parade $500.00
  4. International Human Rights day movie night$500.00

Projected total expense $1300.00
Available bank balance $1475.50
Difference $175.00

               Motion to adopt proposed budget moved by Daniela and second by Brea. Motion was carried.

  1. Round Table: Brea; suggested ways we can reach out to get people on the region human rights committee. She will be reaching out to member from the region at the Women Conference this weekend to this end.
  1. Motion adjournment at 8:30 PM