Regina and Area Human Rights Committee AGM Meeting Minutes (Feb 15, 2022)

via:   Zoom

In Attendance: Tim Hubick Local 40002, Michelle Lang Local 40005, Daniela Furkert Local 40005, Amy Stoik Local 40811, Sandra Ahenakew Local 40064, Steve Sukbir PRC Guest Local 30905, Jessica Bonish Local 40811, Robinson Joseph Local 40054, Diane White PSAC Rep

Call to Order: 5:35 pm

Tim read out the statement of what a HRC is (safe space).

Approval of agenda:  Jessica/Michelle- carried

Tim read the Anti-harassment statement

Tim read the land acknowledgement: moment of silence for the 54 gravesites discovered today.

Participants introduced themselves to group

Approval minutes of the last AGM:  Michelle/Robinson- carried

Financial report: Daniella: read out her financial report. As of today, the bank balance is $529.89. Daniella/Michelle- carried  

Chair report: See attached.  Tim/ Michelle- carried

Old business:

No old business

Elections of executive, elections run by PSAC rep

Chair: Tim nominated by Jessica 2) Michelle – acclaimed

Co-Chair: Michelle nominated by Robinson 2) Jessica – acclaimed

Secretary: Sandra nominated by Michelle 2) Robinson – acclaimed

Treasurer: Daniela nominated by Michelle 2) Robinson – acclaimed

All elected officers took the Oath of Office.

New business:

Dani asked everyone to email her their contact information for the committee package

Budget discussion. Committee discussed many ideas for the upcoming year including: conducting activities for Black history month, orange shirt day, Indigenous Day, seniors, homeless, kids in care (writing letters of support- could also be used as an action for seniors dealing with the loneliness associated with Covid), community fridge donation drive, volunteering to clean the community fridges, partnering with businesses to help fill the community fridges.

Tim presented his proposal for addressing youth homeless by doing a food/clothing drive. A bottle drive was proposed for this action with the proceeds going to putting together packages for LGBTQ+ youth at LuluLounge in Regina. They would buy toques from Raising the Roof to use as a prize draw for anyone who donates. Committee discussed budget proposal to be voted on at next meeting. Committee discussed calling this action: Supporting LuluLounge

Purchase 20 toques for this action at $300:  Tim/Michelle – approved

Put this action into our budget proposal:  Michelle/Jessica- carried.

Steve: liked proposals, would like to see it go to other HRC’s in region.

Next meeting date:  March 8th 2022 6pm (review budget)

Round table:  Diane gave a bargaining update, promoted upcoming National Young Worker panel: and national panel on Work Life balance:  

Michelle asked everyone to write a letter in support of the members at CAHRD who are currently in bargaining, send to Michelle and she will get it to the political communications officer.

Ajournement: Michelle/Sandra – carried 7:15

Greetings everyone as you know this past year has been a very challenging year. With the hopes that the Covid restrictions would lifted only to find disappointment. Forcing the committee not to do activities that we had planned collectively to do, more events were held via web based action items or the call for individual to take part in community events as individuals, keeping In mind social distancing keeping our bubbles tight.

Some of the events members were encouraged to take part in and members did take part in their own ways.

International Human Rights Day.

International persons with disabilities day.

PSAC national human rights conferences.

Truth and reconstruction activities.

Honouring the burial sites of residential schools.

Vigil for the victims of London Ontario.

Vigil for murdered and missing women.

Sisters in spirt.

Protest against a local church preaching convention therapy.

The city of Regina bylaw hearings of convention therapy

Orange shirt day activities.

Remembrance Day events.

Trans day of remembrance.

We did have a major victory as well with passing of Bill C-6 the ban of convention therapy.

We as a committee did hold four official meetings. At these meetings we did write resolutions

Created terms of reference that we did not have in the past.

As much as this committee did have struggles due to the pandemic, we did learn new skills and new ways to do business. It had been an honour to have served as your chair. I wish to thank each and everyone for your conversations and your continued commitment to this committee.

Moving forward I wish the best to the new executive. I look forward to working with each and everyone of you as we roll out some new actives in a new world and the way we do the work of making our communities better. Facing new challenges together and pushing through to see amazing results in the future.

Please remain safe and strong.

In solidarity

Tim Hubick HRC chair 2021