Regina AC (Oct 2012)

In Attendance: Melissa Brandt, Chair; Bruce Cook, Vice-Chair; Larry Skibicki, L40721; Milton Dyck, RVP Agriculture Union; Michael Shell, L40064; Diane Allan, PSAC Representative; Marianne Hladun, REVP Prairies

RO Contact:  Diane Allen  October 29, 2012 RAC minutes

Regina and District Area Council Minutes

October 29, 2012 

In Attendance:           Melissa Brandt, Chair                        Bruce Cook, Vice-Chair

Larry Skibicki, L40721                        Milton Dyck, RVP Agriculture Union

Michael Shell, L40064                         Diane Allan, PSAC Representative

Marianne Hladun, REVP Prairies

 The meeting commenced at 5:30 p.m.

Previous Meeting Minutes:

The minutes for the June and August meetings were reviewed.  There were no errors/omissions noted.

M/S/C  Larry/Bruce     That the June and August meeting minutes be approved as presented.


Sister Melissa reported a cheque in the amount of $500.00 was received from the Human Rights Committee as reimbursement for the Community Helping Hands Project.  A cheque from the Women’s Committee for their $500.00 contribution is still outstanding.

A $150.00 cheque toward expenses for the Labour Day picnic and a $100.00 cheque toward the Unions of Regina Christmas Dinner were prepared.  Sister Melissa will drop both cheques off at the union centre this week.

M/S/C  Milt/Michael      To reimburse Sister Melissa $17.06 for meal expense.

Community Helping Hands Project:

Sister Melissa passed the thank you card received from Kruezer House around.  The card will be circulated each of the other two committees.  Sister Marianne suggested providing a link to the information which is on the Ranch Erhlo website to Jeffrey Vallis for inclusion in the next Prairies newsletter.  A total of 45 youth were assisted with 20 receiving a new school outfit.

New Business:

The prices and sizes of the wreaths available through the legion for placement at the Victoria Park Cenotaph were reviewed.  There are three sizes to select from.

M/S/C  Milt/Larry          To split the cost of a 20” wreath ($68.00) with the Women’s Committee.

Brother Larry will approach Mark Gilchrist to see if he wishes to place the wreath at the ceremony.  If Brother Mark is unavailable Sister Melissa will attend with Sister Connie, RWC Chair.

Sister Melissa advised the Unions of Regina Christmas Dinner is taking place on December 20 at the Delta Hotel.  Those wishing to volunteer should contact the RDLC office no later than December 13.


PRC Representative

Brother Shaun was not in attendance.  Sister Melissa provided a brief outline of his activities based on his report located on the PRC website.


Sister Marianne reported she is still getting acquainted with her new role.  She is currently in Regina attending SFL Convention.  At her first PRC meeting as the new REVP they discussed roles and responsibilities for all PRC members.  Each local will receive an invitation to attend, at the expense of the local, PRC meetings as an observer.  PRC will be working on improving communication; as part of that a new PSAC Prairies facebook page has been launched and an e-news letter will be sent out weekly.

Development of a handbook is underway.  The handbook will outline reporting requirements, especially in the area of finances.  The PSAC will now also begin $700.00 of the HQ allocation portion in a reserve fund to be used toward convention delegate expenses.  This means committees no longer need to reserve a portion of their allocation each year; and, instead will be able to utilize all monies received for projects/committee work.  The 2014 Prairie Convention will be held in Saskatoon.

There are a number of campaigns underway in relation to public service cuts.  The other side of the impacts are that the PSAC is now also facing having to make cuts.

The NBoD held a strategy session in early October.  They spent a large portion of the time examining the effectiveness of the September 15 National Day of Action.  Nationally there were issues around mobilization of members which served to provide a reality check.  A guiding principles document was developed and all Components have agreed to sign onto it.

The Health and Safety Conference is still taking place in November however the Separate Employer Conference has been postponed to 2013.

There are some emails circulating which indicate the government want to recover two weeks of pay from employees.  Sister Marianne has not heard anything official or been given full details.  She has contacted Sister Benson’s office to request more information.


Brother Bruce indicated with changes to how CRA store documents are impacting members.  CRAwill no longer be using Library and Archives but instead are using private service providers.  There is no longer any public service available in Regina with Saskatoon to soon follow.  The lost all term employees but no indeterminate employees.  It is expected everyone will receive a reasonable job offer.

Brother Milt spoke about several campaigns which the Agriculture Union are involved with.  The largest program impacts are closure of the Shelterbelt centre at Indian Head and of the community pastures.  It was initially anticipated all of the Crown owned pastures would be sold however many pasture patron and environmental groups are starting to take notice of what is happening and voicing their opposition.  There will be information booths setup at Agribition to gather signatures for the Protect the Prairies petitions.  There are no reasonable job offers for any Agriculture Canada employees.  Approximately 200 employees in SK are impacted.

Brother Larry indicated that with the changes in Environment and Fisheries there will be no PSAC enforcement officers left in SK.  All positions are being moved to Winnipeg.

The meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.