Regina AC Mtg Minutes (Sept 21 2009)

Present: Tanya Galenzoski, Chair; Melissa Brandt, Secretary; Steve Van Opstal, Local 40229; Shaun Brennand, PRC Area Council Rep and Local 4A008

Meeting Minutes

Regina and District Area Council

September 21, 2009


Present:                    Tanya Galenzoski, Chair

                                Melissa Brandt, Secretary

                                Steve Van Opstal, Local 40229

                                Shaun Brennand, PRC Area Council Rep and Local 4A008


Sister Tanya called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. and identified the following agenda items/topics:

·         Federal Election

·         Audit – 2008 Financial Statements and 2009 Budget

·         Think Public


Sister Melissa completed minutes for the committee meeting held January 29, 2009.  The minutes have been posted to the Area Council page on the website.  Discussion ensued concerning the meeting held February 17, 2009; Sister Melissa had a notation indicating the January 29 minutes were adopted during the February 17 meeting however no one in attendance could recall who the attendees to the Febru 17 meetng were; nor who took the minutes of that meeting.

Financial Statements and 2009 Budget

Audit of the 2008 financial statements and preparation of a proposed budget for 2009 was scheduled to take place prior to this meeting however only two members of the audit committee were present and neither individual had the financial records.  Sister Tanya will contact the committee members and attempt to identify a new date for the committee members to meet.

Think Public:      Volunteers were lined up to promote at the Regina Folk Festival however organizers advised they did not want us to attend as we were not selling anything and were promoting unionism

Labour Day picnic: Local 40064 provided two volunteers to assist.  No other information available.

Local 40064 manned a Think Public information table during an Apathy into Action event hosted by First Nations University on September 17 and 18.


There is a provincial bi-election taking place this evening for Regina-Douglas Park.  Discussion then turned to the upcoming civic election scheduled for Oct. 28.  Nominations for candidates are still underway; attendees agreed we should given further consideration to supporting and endorsing a candidate.

Federal election – need to be more proactive by preparing letters/mail outs to members earlier within the campaign.  Some discussion around the process followed during the previous election – negative feedback received from members, many of whom were contacted several times.

Tanya will contact the Regina District Labour Council to confirm who the RDLC has decided to support/endorse.

Next meeting:  October 27

Meeting adjourned at:  7:20 p.m.