Regina AC Mtg Minutes (Nov 24 2010)

In Attendance: Tanya Galenzoski, Chair; Mark Gilchrist, Vice-Chair; Melissa Brandt, Secretary; Satindar Bains, PRC RV Representative; Suzanne Huggins, L40064; Richard Dolinski, L40008

Regina and District Area Council

Meeting Minutes

November 24, 2010


In Attendance: Tanya Galenzoski, Chair                            Mark Gilchrist, Vice-Chair

 Melissa Brandt, Secretary                            Satindar Bains, PRC RV Representative

 Suzanne Huggins, L40064                            Richard Dolinski, L40008


The meeting was called to order at 6:40 p.m.

Review of agenda; add financial report.  Approved.

Review and approval of October meeting minutes.

M/S        Satindar/Richard                                                                                                              Carried


Brother Mark, Sister Melissa and Sister Suzanne met prior to the meeting and completed the mini-audit of the 2009 financial records as requested by Sister Benson.  There was a total of $3,121.53 in the account as of December 31, 2009.


The financial records have not been received electronically; only the hard copies passed on by the prior treasurer are available.  The bank statements are not being received by Brother Mark; after some discussion it was determined the bank statements are still be mailed to Sister Tanya.  It was suggested the address be changed to the Regina RO.

Several cheques were written without an itemized/detailed breakdown as backup.

Cheque fees are high; initially the fee was $1.05 per cheque written, however the fees have been raised to $2.30 per cheque.  The Committee is also not earning any interest on the bank account.  It was suggested looking into fee charges at other banks and considering moving.

Acceptance of report.

M/S        Mark/Richard                                                                                                    Carried

Reimburse Brother Satindar in the amount of $65.08 for dinner expenses.

M/S        Satindar/Richard                                                                                              Carried

Old Business:

Brother Mark ordered and placed the Remembrance Day wreath.  Brother Mark was honoured to have the opportunity to place the wreath on behalf of the PSAC.  The wreath was a large one so the cost will be more than initially discussed.

Reimburse for the actual cost of the wreath once the invoice is received.

M/S        Satindar/Richard                                                                                              Carried

Bargaining Update:

All Regional Offices are to have the ballots counted by noonon November 30.  It is expected the PSAC will announce results by December 4.

Fight-Back Campaigns:

Brother Mark indicated there have been no changes in his workplace.

Sister Suzanne indicated INAC is also stable.

Brothers Satindar and Richard indicated there is activity at the RCMP; however, it is not clear if reporting is taking place.


A link to the newsletter produced by Jeffrey Vallis was sent to Committee members by Diane Allen.  If Committee members didn’t sign up they are encouraged to do so.

PRC Convention:

Sister Tanya indicated the input call for delegates has been received.  The Committee’s delegate will be determined at the AGM.  Sister Tanya explained that Brother Shaun, current AC representative on PRC, is an automatic delegate.  If Brother Shaun is not re-elected to the position the incoming AC representative to PRC will be the Committee’s delegate.  If Brother Shaun is re-elected, there will also be an election to someone to the delegate seat for our AC.

After some discussion it was agreed the AGMwill be held in February.

Provincial Election:

Sister Tanya encouraged Committee members to start formulating questions which can be posed to candidates.


There was some discussion on staffing.  Members are frustrated with how long the process takes; and are also frustrated with the employer’s interpretation of ‘the right-fit’.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.