Regina AC Mtg Minutes (May 27 2010)

Present: Tanya Galenzoski, L40008 (Chair); Mark Gilchrist, L40721 (Vice-Chair); Melissa Brandt, L40064 (Secretary); Suzanne Huggiins, L40064; Connie Gress, L40064 (RWC Chair); Shaun Brennand, L4A008 (PRC Rep); Steve Van Opstal, L40229; Milton Dyck, RVP Agriculture; Ed Janis (APSAR)



May 27, 2010



Tanya Galenzoski, L40008 (Chair)                            Mark Gilchrist, L40721 (Vice-Chair)

Melissa Brandt, L40064 (Secretary)                          Suzanne Huggiins, L40064

Connie Gress, L40064 (RWC Chair)                        Shaun Brennand, L4A008 (PRC Rep)

Steve Van Opstal, L40229                                        Milton Dyck, RVP Agriculture

Ed Janis (APSAR)


The meeting was called to order at 6:40 p.m.


Sister Tanya indicated the agenda would be comprised of the following items:  Previous Minutes; Treasurer election; Bylaw changes; Budget


Previous Annual General Meeting Minutes:

Motion to adopt the minutes of the April 22, 2009annual general meeting.

M/S                        Shaun/Steve                                                                                                      Carried


It appears there are two versions of the Area Council by-laws; there is a version dated February 2002 and labelled ‘draft’ as well as an undated version.  After some discussion, Sister Connie and Brother Shaun recalled establishing a committee who prepared the undated version in approximately 2007 during the time Brother Shaun was Area Council Chair.  The undated version was never finalized as Sister Benson indicated she wanted all Area Councils in the Prairie Region to adopt standard bylaws.  Sister Benson undertook to provide the bylaw format she wished Area Councils to adopt; however nothing has been received.  A review of the contents of the 2008 AGMmeeting minutes confirmed that direction was to be received from Sister Benson.

It was concluded the Area Council do not presently have approved bylaws; rather only two a 2002 draft version and a 2007 draft version.  The Council is currently operating under whichever draft is available when required.

Sister Tanya will follow-up with Sister Benson.

Election of Officers:


Sister Tanya called for nominations for the office of Treasurer.  One nomination for Sister Suzanne was received however the Sister declined.  After some discussion Brother Mark agreed to take on the duties temporarily.  The paper records were retrieved from the filing cabinet and turned over to Brother Mark.


Brother Steve agreed to ask Brother Bryan to contact Brother Dan with a request he forward the electronic file containing the budget, income and expense statements.


Sister Tanya advised the $1000.00 allocation from PRC had been received.  She also received an email asking for agreement to deduct $90.00 from the Ottawaallocation to cover outstanding expenses for the PRC delegate to 2008 Regional Convention.  Sister Melissa indicated a similar request had been sent to the Human Rights Committee.


Copies of the 2010 and 2011 budgets prepared by Brother Dan were distributed.  It was proposed to allocate $225.00 for member training and $225.00 for promotion.  Adoption of the revisions as proposed M/S by Milt/Shaun; Carried.


Audit of the 2009 financial statements remains outstanding; Sisters Melissa and Suzanne will meet with Brother Mark to complete the audit.


Other Business:


There was a brief discussion concerning the 5-year review of PSMA/staffing.


Information on the 75th Anniversary for the Trek to Ottawawas distributed.


Regina Red Sox are seeking donations toward construction of a new building.  If funds are donated they will place our logo on the building.  All agreed it would be good advertising however there could be a negative public perception.  Concern was also expressed over the lack of description attached to the different sponsorship levels.  Brother Shaun agreed to contact the Regina Red Sox to obtain further information and then raise through PRC to see whether funds are available directly from PSAC.


Casino Reginawill likely be on strike by next week; members need to ensure we are visible and on the line to support our Brothers and Sisters.


Brother Shaun indicated a call for volunteers for the Host Committee to the 2011 Prairie Region Convention will be sent out shortly.


Sister Tanya adjourned the meeting at 8:15 p.m.


Next meeting:  June 17 at 6:00 p.m.