Regina AC Mtg Minutes (Jan 29 2009)

In Attendance: Shaun Brennand, Chair; Mark Gilchrist, Vice-chair; Ed Janis; Satinder Bains; Steve Van Opstal; Brian Thompson; Melissa Brandt

Regina and District Area Council

Meeting Minutes

January 29, 2009


In Attendance:                       Shaun Brennand, Chair                            Mark Gilchrist, Vice-chair

                                                Ed Janis                                                   Satinder Bains

                                                Steve Van Opstal                                     Brian Thompson

                                                Melissa Brandt


Regrets:                               Tanya Galenzoski, Treasurer                       Connie Gress

The meeting was called to order at 5:35 p.m.

Previous Meeting Minutes:

Motion to adopt the minutes of the September 2, 2008meeting.

M/S                        Brother Mark/Brother Satinder                                                                 Carried

A meeting of the Council was held October 22, 2008however no meeting minutes are available.


There is a bank balance of $3,415.87 according to the financial statements recently e-mailed by Sister Tanya.  Attendees were unclear what expenses, if any, are still outstanding and Sister Tanya was not available to provide clarification.  After some discussion, attendees identified the following items which may still be outstanding:

                Walk 4 Justice                                                   $100

                SFL Convention                                                                amount unknown

                Vittera luncheon                                             amount unknown

                Prairie Convention                                         amount unknown

Brother Shaun indicated he would obtain clarification from Sister Tanya and report at the next meeting.

New Business:

Brother Mark attended the Prairie Activists Conference held November 21 – 23, 2008in Edmonton.  During the conference participants worked on formulating action plans.  Brother Mark expressed interest in having the Council become involved in a Habitat for Humanity project.  There was also interest expressed by representatives from the RWC and the HR Committee in launching a Tools for Schools project.  Conference participants also joined our CUPE Brothers and Sisters on the picket line – fun was had by all!

Attendees also discussed adopting a joint meeting format for the Council, HR Committee and RWC as our Sisters and Brothers in Edmontonhave recently been piloting.  Several Brothers in attendance expressed concern about how their union Sisters would feel about having them at one of their meetings.  Sister Melissa clarified the three committees would meet jointly only on issues/items which are of common concern.  Each constituency group would still have the ability to schedule separate meetings although our Edmonton Sisters and Brothers indicated they address this by breaking into caucuses by committee as required during the joint meeting; and/or meeting briefly either before or after the joint meeting to discuss items which are unique to them.  Sister Melissa further clarified our Edmonton Sisters and Brothers indicated they were finding the joint meeting format much more convenient as it necessitated them usually attending only 1 meeting per month as opposed to two or three.

Attendees were supportive of adopting a joint meeting format and suggested February 17/09 for a first meeting.  Brother Shaun to contact RWC and HR Committee executive members with suggested date and finalize selection of date/time for first joint meeting.

Brother Shaun announced the AGMfor the Council will be April 22/09; he will request Sister Allen post the notice to the website.

Motion to reimburse Brother Satinder for dinner expenses.

M/S                        Brother Mark/Brother Steve                                                                       Carried

Motion to adjourn at 6:35 p.m.

M/S                        Brother Steve/Brother Brian                                                                      Carried





Provide clarification on outstanding expenses and bank balance

Brother Shaun

Contact RWC and HR Committee Executives to select and finalize date for joint meeting

Brother Shaun

Provide April 22/09 date for Council AGMto Sister Allen for posting to the website

Brother Shaun