Regina AC Mtg Minutes (Jan 27 2010)

In Attendance: Tanya Galenzoski, Chair; Melissa Brandt, Secretary; Dan Welsh, Treasurer; Robyn Benson, REVP – Prairies; Lisa Garnier, Regional Representative; Pat Davis, Regional Coordinator; Arryn Varls, L40337; Satinder Bains, L4A008; Richard Dolinski, L40008; Milton Dyck, RVP Agriculture; Brian Thompson, L40229; Janette Husak, L40064; Verna Cachene, L40064; Shaun Brennand, L4A008; Connie Gress, L40064; Suzanne Huggins, L40064

Regina and District Area Council

Meeting Minutes

January 27, 2010


In Attendance:                       Tanya Galenzoski, Chair                                  Melissa Brandt, Secretary

                                                Dan Welsh, Treasurer                                     Robyn Benson, REVP – Prairies

                                                Lisa Garnier, Regional Representative             Pat Davis, Regional Coordinator

                                                Arryn Varls, L40337                                      Satinder Bains, L4A008

                                                Richard Dolinski, L40008                               Milton Dyck, RVP Agriculture

                                                Brian Thompson, L40229                               Janette Husak, L40064

                                                Verna Cachene, L40064                                 Shaun Brennand, L4A008

                                                Connie Gress, L40064                                     Suzanne Huggins, L40064


The meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m.

Sister Tanya advised the Prairie Region Council met over the weekend.  The Council identified political strategizing/organizing around the upcoming federal budget and pension cutbacks as priority areas.

Sister Robyn indicated proroguing parliament is nothing more than an attempt to duck issues over Afghanistanand an election.  Demos have been held across the country; media attention was captured with the Liberal and NDP photo ops in front of the doors to the House of Commons.

There is a threat of cuts to public service jobs, terms are being released and the workforce is depleting as baby boomers retire.  The recession hasn’t really ended.  It is up to us to promote the work we do with the public, it is the grassroots members who know what is happening and what the issues are in the workplace.

It is not expected the upcoming budget will include a stimulus package; instead we should expect it to result in more contracting out.  The PSAC’s focus/priority is on getting the budget watch up and running.  It is anticipated the budget will be damaging to the public service; it will likely include an attack on pensions by introducing a two tier system.  The media is twisting qualification for pension – it is up to us to clarify how the penalties work.  We can’t afford to continue losing baby boomers – contributes to lose of corporate memory and leads to rehiring under contract.

Suggest hosting town halls to talk with members about pensions – it is integral to educating and informing members.  Connect with other unions who are also concerned (PIPSC).  Setup a 1-800 pensions line.


Sister Robyn reminded the Council the audited financial statements together with proposed budget should be forwarded by March 31.  The statements can be exchanged with another committee for the purpose of completing the audit.

Brother Dan reported there was a bank balance of $3,166.43 as of October 31/09.  Sister Tanya will forward the outstanding statements to him so he can update the records to December 31.  Brother Dan has prepared a proposed budget which he will forward.

2010 Activities:

Members would like to focus on reacting/responding to the federal budget.  This will be done by holding a budget watch as a joint initiative with either the CLDC or SFL.  Sister Tanya will contact the CLCand SFL to invite them to participate.

Town hall pension information sessions:  the Council will need to develop mailouts.  Sister Robyn has funds available to cover the cost of postage.  Challenge with promoting town hall session is that it would have to be held in multiple locations across southern SK as not all locals can come to Regina.

Suggested the Council meet March 16 to review the budget analysis, develop mailout information and identify other strategies.

Sister Connie outlined the project being done by the RWC for International Women’s Day and encouraged attendees to submit photos for inclusion in the video.

Sister Carol Casey was announced as the new JLP Coordinator for the Prairies.

Next meetings:                                February 9 at 6:00

                                                March 16 at 6:00

                                                AGM– March 30 at 6:00

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.