Regina AC Mtg Minutes – Jan 21 2015

Present: Melissa Brandt – Chair; Dan Grunert, Treasurer; Satinder Bains – Vice-Chair; Deanna Getz, L40022 – AC PRC Rep

Regina Area Council
Meeting Minutes
January 21, 2015

Melissa Brandt – Chair                
Dan Grunert, Treasurer
Satinder Bains – Vice-Chair  
Deanna Getz, L40022 – AC PRC Rep


Regrets:    Brett Pollard, Secretary

1.    The meeting commenced at 6:05 p.m.

2.    M/S/C        Dan/Satinder

That the agenda be adopted as circulated.

3.    M/S/C        Deanna/Dan 

That the minutes for the November 26, 2014 meeting be adopted with corrections to typos as noted.

4.    Treasurer’s Report:

Brother Dan reported the cheque written for the Unions of Regina Christmas Dinner cleared in December; however, the cheque to cover the registration fee for our delegate to PSAC Convention did not.  The closing bank balance on December 31, 2014 was $1,802.08.

M/S/C        Dan/Satinder

To reimburse Sister Melissa in the amount of $99.49 for dinner expenses.

5.    Update by PRC Representative:

Brother Satinder recently attended CLC training in Saskatoon.  There were approximately 350 people present including lots of NDP candidates.  The training involved three workshops.  He will be attending the Prairies Leadership Conference in Winnipeg to be followed by a PRC meeting next month.  Brother Satinder reported he has been assigned to the Bylaws Committee for PRC.  A full narrative report is attached as Appendix 1.

6.    2015 Project Planning and Budget Development

A discussion related to potential political action projects for the 2015 calendar year took place.  It was agreed the budget for 2015 would include provision for 2-3 political action activities/events with an estimated expenditure of $600.00.  Suggestions included sponsoring an all-candidates debate, a town hall or developing a leaflet campaign.  The budget will also include a $100.00 donation for the Unions of Regina Christmas Dinner; $500.00 for the Labour Day Picnic; and $500.00 for Tools for Schools.

7.    AGM Meeting Date

The dates of March 18 and 25 were tentatively identified to hold the AGM.  The preferred date is March 25.  Sister Melissa to contact the PSAC office to confirm March 25 will work and that Sister Diane is available to attend.  If March 25 is not suitable it was agreed the second choice for the AGM meeting would be March 18.

The meeting adjourned at 7:20 p.m.  Next meeting:    AGM

Appendix 1

CLC Conference
JANUARY 9 – 10, 2015

I attended the CLC Election Preparation conference in Saskatoon from January  9th to the 10th, CLC executive Larry Hubich and Hassan Yussuff CLC President welcomed around 200 delegates from all over Saskatchewan to start the conference. The Topic of the conference was Good Jobs, Child Care, Heath Care and Retirement SecurityAin which I see as taking action and influencing change.

         The conference consisted of numerous key note speakers who spoke about the importance of solidarity and that concerns of the workers are shared concerns. The main workshop I attend were Building Allies Locally, Effective Campaigning and From engagement to Action in the conference. The speakers commended and encouraged our future leaders to play active role in helping all our workers to become even more powerful in the workplace and the community. The conference was to identify the issues that we are facing in the coming Federal and Provincial elections for workers who recognize and are determined to change the Conservative policies which affect aboriginal and radicalized communities, for LGBT communities and for the people living with disabilities and for women. The conference shared and looked at ways to build a strong, diverse and inclusive work force and community. I believe this will help achieve our goals as we go into our communities and listen to people and identify the issues they are facing in the coming elections. This can be achieved using methods Park and Bark, Fields of Dreams and Go-Listen-Built methods.

       For myself this was a great learning experience and I am happy to say we have a lot activists from all parts of Saskatchewan who work in different governments, department, agencies, unions who share the same values and concerns when we are dealing with our governments.

    In Solidarity,
    Satinder Bains