Regina AC Mtg Minutes (Apr 27 2011)

Present: Tanya Galenzoki, L40008 – President (Chair); Melissa Brandt, L40064 – Vice President (Co-Chair); Lorrie Bucknell, L40013 – Secretary/Treasurer; Sylvie McAllister, L40162; Tanya Bellegarde, L40102

Reginaand District Area Council

Meeting Minutes

April 27, 2011


Tanya Galenzoki, L40008 – President (Chair)

Melissa Brandt, L40064 – Vice President (Co-Chair)

Lorrie Bucknell, L40013 – Secretary/Treasurer

Sylvie McAllister, L40162

Tanya Bellegarde, L40102


This meeting was called to order at 6:15 pm.  Attendees were asked to sign the attendance sheet which was in circulation.


Tanya Galenzoski made a motion to adopt minutes of previous meeting held November, 2010.  Tanya Bellegard seconded.  Open for Discussion – no discussion, all in favour, carried.


Agenda Item #1 – Federal Election

   – there will be a mailout from Ottawa PSAC

   – town hall meeting April 26, 2011

   – Melissa – did connect to Robin Benson teleconference call, hard to hear, heard very little, had some technical issues

   – because of time change and other problems Silvie was also unable to connect to teleconference call

 – letter and pamphlet was mailed out to members – with the message “Go To Vote”


Agenda Item #2 – Provincial Election

   – will sent out a letter and pamphlet to members


Shaun Brennand, Steve Van Opstal, Bryan Thompson and Tanya Galenzoski had a meeting in January and discussed the budget and passed it.  It was decided to go with the same budget as last year.

Accounting books were not available at the meeting as they were locked up in the PSAC office.  No amounts of the balance, or the last years budget were available.  From memory these are the donations best remembered:


– Labour Day Picnic – donate money to Regina District Labour Council

– purchase a wreath for Remembrance Day

– North Central Community Cente donate $250 for Family Christmas

– Unions of Regina Christmas Dinner


Anyone who has an idea for donations, please write them down and submit to the next Area Council Committee meeting for approval.




Prairie Region Convention was not held in Regina, as there were no venues available or big enough for the amount of people that would be attending. Also the membership did not have a way nor did they want to bus people to and from events that would be held in two separate rooms as there was nothing available in one complete room.   It was then moved to Winnipeg, as there was also nothing available in Saskatoon. 


Estimated account $3,903.95.  All monies for the Budget gets sent to Robin Benson and gets approved.  There was $1,000 for advertising budget.  Anyone who has any suggestions about potential projects – please bring your written suggestions to the next meeting to discuss.

– Tools for Schools, binders and backpacks and deliver to Food Bank.

– Saskatchewan Roughriders proposing they partner with PSAC to set up this program that the Blue Bombers have – as we would like to do that same program here in Regina.

– Habitat for Humanity


Minutes from meeting Human Rights Committee, Robin Benson and Connie Gress need to be forwarded.  Tanya Galenzoski to forward to Melissa.


An audit needs to be completed.  When the books are available.


New Business


– Will look at getting information at 2 new banks to transfer our banking to

TDCanadaTrust and Affinity Credit Union

Will report back at next meeting with costs and information


Reminder with Diane Allen to send reminder to RSVP to attend Area Council meeting 1 day before with who will be attending.  A suggestion was made to have Tanya G. write up the announcement and gives to Diane to send out globally.   Also send out the Agenda in advance of at lease 1 – 2 days.


Because the Accounting books were not available and locked in the PSAC office and the door to the computer room was also locked, we will look at getting the wooden filing cabinet keyed on all drawers and the top drawer rekeyed.  Lorrie made the motion, and Tanya Bellegarde seconded the motion. All in favour. Carried.


Items to bring to Robin and Pat’s attention:

– no PSAC member attended Area Council Meeting

– Room with Computer locked and not accessible

– not able to have access to banking info

– wooden filing cabinet locked and unaccessible

– this has been discussed in every meeting and needs to be addressed

– can’t print off anything

– printer has a code but no one knows it




New idea was suggested to have a lock box.  Tanya to address Robin and Pat to discuss having a lock box.  That way people could not have to come down during the day to get the keys to the PSAC office to have a meeting a night.  The keys could be left in the lock box (similar to Real Agents) for a member to access when they arrive that night for the meeting.


It was discussed that maybe Lorrie (Secretary) could have the email addresses used for mail-out notices to locals as a form of backup when Diane Allen is absent.  This would enable us to send out information of an urgent nature.


Proposed next meeting date May 10, 2011at 6:30 pm.  Arrangements need to be made with Diane Allen to book the boardroom.


Items to be discussed at next meeting – banking report and locking cabinet report – by Lorrie Bucknell.


Prairies Regional Conference – June 8 – 12, 2011discussion.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.