Regina AC Minutes (Sept 2011)

Minutes from the September 13, 2011 Regina Area Council meeting


Regina and District Area Council

Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2011



Melissa Brandt, L40064 – Vice President (Co-Chair)

Lorrie Bucknell, L40013 – Secretary/Treasurer

Bruce Cook – President UTE 40022 Canada Revenue Agency

Suzanne Huggins – President of Local 40064 (UNE)

Dan Grunert – President Local 40721 (UEW) Environment Canada

Kyara Moone – representative for Local 40811 (CEIU)

Connie Gress – Chair Regina Women’s Committee

Lisa Garner – PSAC office

Ed Janis – APSAR – Association Public Service Alliancefor Retirees

Steve Van Opstal – President Local 40224

Eric Bryan Thomson – Vice-President Local 40029 AG, HR -VP South SaskRegina


This meeting was called to order at 5:55 pm.

Round table introductions.


Item #1 – Review/approval of May 30th meeting minutes – date read June 6th but was May 30th minutes posted on the website to be corrected and deferred.


Item #2 – Treasurer’s Report – Balance of bank account is $ 4,182.63 (plus $500 x 2) from the other 2 committees for donations to the Kruezer House.  The area council paid $1500 in total and to collect $500 from each of the other two committees.  For a total of $4,732.63 once collected.


Item #3 – update/report by Area Council representative on PRC – Shaun Brennand absent


Item #4 – Joint Committee Initiative -A joint meeting with the 3 groups (Area Council, Women’s Committee and Human Rights Committee) regarding  – Tools for Schools and a $500 donation from each committees to Kruezer House update.  The Area Council donated the complete amount of $1500 to the Kruezer House and will collect the $500 donations from the other committees ( Sister Suzanne Huggins gave $500) at this meeting.  Also there were some boxes collected and given to Camof the Kruezer House for the “Tools for Schools”and Camand the children were overwhelmed at all the supplies collected and they were able to help more kids than what was on the list.


We would like to also keep collecting the toiletries and bring them to the PSAC office to distribute to the Kruezer House and the Women’s Shelter.


Monies from Robyn Bensen for 2011 have been allotted.


Labour Day Picnic – Connie Gress gave update of the events from that day.  We usually get 1500 people and this year they served over 2,000 hotdogs.  Hand a dunk tank, cotton candy, chips, pop, watermelon.  They had a dog demo kids racing against the dogs and that was a lot of fun.  Generators for the blow-ups – needed bigger generators for next year.  St. John’swere there looking after wasps and any health care issues.

People really enjoyed the event. 


Connie made an announcement – Peacemaker’s Breakfast October 11, 2011at Regina Inn 8:30 – 10:00 am. $10 purchased in advance.  Contact 757-2096 ex 227.


Connie Gress made a motion for Area Council to purchase a table of 8 or whatever a table holds up to $80.00.

Steve Van Opstal seconded the motion.



Lisa Garnier – 2012 Calendars will be coming out in Mid-November.


Canadian Federation of Independent business – Katherine Swift – drive to support public sector workers.

Campaign – when you go to private business if you could get them to send this card back that would be helpful.  Connie suggested a static sticker would be better than a sticker.  People do not usually like to paste things on their car.


The SFL Election is coming.  Brad Wahl is sitting at a high poll.  We need to decide what for political action should we do in the next 6 weeks.

Message to get out there – PLEASE VOTE

We are looking at a mail out.

Connie suggested a one page mail out and get them printed off to every member in Saskatchewanat a little over 3,000 people.

Diane will send out a notification to everyone to get help with the mail out. 


Lisa Garnier – PSAC Conference 2012 Ottawaat the Westin usually the last week of April or first week in May.


The PSAC office on 13th Avenuewill have renovations starting within 2 weeks – and last approximately 2 months or until completion.  If need be we may have to find an alternate place to hold our meetings.


One of the challenges about accessing this space for meeting is having access to the building.  Has the landlord given any consideration to the lockbox or some type of access to the building.  Lisa and the Landlord need to have that discussion about access by key to the building.  By the time the renovations are done there should be something in place.


Connie made a motion that she be reimbursed for food which was brought to the meeting of $22.16.

Bruce Cook seconded the motion.



Next meeting date October 25, 2011at 5:30 pm.


NOTE: Please try to come as early as 4:30 pmif possible to start stuffing envelopes and meeting will start at 5:30 pmand then after the meeting is over we will continue to keep stuffing envelopes until they are finished.


Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.