Regina AC Minutes (May 2011)

Minutes from the May 30th, 2011 Regina Area Council meeting.

Regina and District Area Council

Meeting Minutes

May 30th, 2011


Tanya Galenzoski, L40008 – President (Chair)

Melissa Brandt, L40064 – Vice President (Co-Chair)

Lorrie Bucknell, L40013 – Secretary/Treasurer

Linked in by telephone – Milton Dyck – Regional Vice President Agriculture

Cam Huberdeau – Guest Speaker


This meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm.

Melissa Brandt made a motion to adopt minutes of previous meeting held April 27, 2011.  Lorrie Bucknell seconded.  Open for Discussion – no discussion, all in favour, carried.                  


Lorrie Bucknell invited Cam Huberdeau to give a presentation to the committee to receive any donations.

The presentation called “Proposal for Community Helping Hands Project – Kruzer House Ranch Ehrlo” is attached.


Agenda Item #1 – The banking information was obtained from the PSAC office.

Tanya Galenzoski brought the bank statements with the balance of $3,983.85.

A cheque for $87.01 was paid to Satinder for purchasing supper from a previous meeting.

The new balance was $3,896.84.  We had cheques to deposit of $2,550.00 with a new balance of $6,451.84.  A cheque was made up for Lorrie Bucknell for an advance to attend the Prairies Conference in Winnipeg $402.20. New balance of $6049.64.  Lorrie will scan bank statement and forward to Robyn Benson on a monthly basis.


Agenda Item #2 – Motion to change our banking to the TD Canada Bank downtown made by Lorrie, seconded by Melissa.  (Reasoning – the bank is open longer hours, fees are low,  and the bank should not put through cheques with only one signature.) Open for Discussion – have to make sure that we can get the cheques back from the bank with the statement, all in favour, carried.


Agenda Item #3 – Motion to rekey cabinet made by Lorrie Bucknell at the cost of $50.00 and key cost of $2.13 per key.  Melissa seconded, Open for Discussion – no discussion, all in favour, carried.


Agenda Item #4 – lockbox update – at this meeting there was discussion around 2 choices for the  problem about picking up keys and being able to enter into the PSAC office for meetings.

Choice #1 – give everyone a key and program an alarm code for each committee, or

Choice #2 – have access to a lock-box where the keys can be stored for access to the building by any committee member.  We decided that the first choice is the one that would work best for the committee.  Lorrie to followup and find the update from Robyn Benson that was discussed at an earlier date and report back at the next meeting.


Agenda Item #5 – Tanya to followup with PSAC office for computer password and the password for the photocopier.  Does there need to be a password on the photocopier?


Obtain group email list from Diane at the PSAC Office to assist when needed to send mail outs in Diane’s absence.


Next meeting date June 22, 2011 at 6:00 pm.


Arrangements need to be made with Diane Allen to book the boardroom and post next meeting date on the website and send notices.


Two guest speakers from 5 Days of Homelessness to give a presentation, invited by Lorrie Bucknell.


Items to be discussed at this meeting – banking report by Lorrie Bucknell.

Next meeting  – Lorrie to provide list of all donations that were allocated last year with amounts to add to this years donations and present at the next meeting.


Lorrie to complete an audit of last years finances and present at this meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.