Regina AC Minutes (Jan 10 2012)

Present: Melissa Brandt, L40064 – Vice President (Co-Chair); Lorrie Bucknell, L40013 – Secretary/Treasurer; Milton Dyck – Regional Vice President Agriculture; Connie Gress, RWC, L40064; Bruce Cook, Revenue Canada, L40022; Bryan Thomson, Vice President, L40229; Steve Van Opstal, President L40229; Shawn Brennand, RCMP, L4A008; Richard Dolinski, RCMP, L40008; Michael Schell, Shop Steward, L40064;
Dan Grunert, Environment Canada, L40721; Lisa Garnier, PSAC office

Minutes from the January 10th, 2012 Regina Area Council meeting

Regina and District Area Council

Meeting Minutes

January 10th, 2012

at the PSAC building, Regina, SK.


Melissa Brandt, L40064 – Vice President (Co-Chair)

Lorrie Bucknell, L40013 – Secretary/Treasurer

Milton Dyck – Regional Vice President Agriculture

Connie Gress, RWC, L40064

Bruce Cook, Revenue Canada, L40022

Bryan Thomson, Vice President, L40229

Steve Van Opstal, President L40229

Shawn Brennand, RCMP, L4A008

Richard Dolinski, RCMP, L40008

Michael Schell, Shop Steward, L40064

Dan Grunert, Environment Canada, L40721

Lisa Garnier, PSAC office


This meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm.

1.  Roundtable introductions.


2.  Adoption of Meeting Agenda and Minutes.

Review and changes of October 25th Meeting Minutes were read aloud by Melissa

Brandt.   Melissa Brandt made a motion to adopt the Agenda, Shaun Brennand 2nd the

motion.  Carried.


3.        Business Arising from Minutes:

  • $100 donation for Unions of Regina Christmas Dinner
  • The RWC collected $900 on behalf of the Locals of Regina, Area Council contributed $100 through the RWC.
  • Donations and Joint Sponsorship with RWC and Souls Harbour Dinner
  • We would like to decide what type of donations to have for next year.  For example Kruetzer House – if we started early then the locals could be more involved. 

Souls Harbour – Connie suggested we sponsor a dinner in February and get volunteers from locals to help participate.  We could sponsor a dinner for about $1500.  They have rules on their website to follow.  The RWC is meeting tomorrow and will discuss.  Connie wanted to discuss with this group before they meet tomorrow.

In June and July union members are not active so if we started trying to get people active before May that might help.  Bruce Cook said that school supplies has a bigger impact for children and parents raising awareness that the Union can help us.  Connie suggested that it be a good idea to send something to the schools in writing saying this is what we will be donating and give them advance notice.  Those attending a Labour Day picnic to bring something for the school programs.


4.         New Business

1.  Financial Report

Lorrie gave the bank balance of $3717.41.  Gave a brief description of the last few deposits and withdrawals.  Lorrie will contact the other two financial people from the RWC and the Human Rights Committee to prepare for an audit.

 2.  Shaun Brennand gave update on the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.  We have tried to get a petition Campaign against Katherine Swift that she stop attacking our Public Service.  Katherine Swift is trying to get rid of pensions and stop complaining about severance.  Shaun described the tweets that Katherine sends.

 3.  Member’s plan – How many people completed the survey – everyone here at the meeting raised their hands.

 4.  Next meeting here in Regina will tentatively be in March 30/31 or April 13/14.  Robyn Benson will be invited and will depend on scheduling.

 5.  Fran Moore retired and has been replaced by Trina Runs at Casino Regina.  Kevin King in the Calgary geographic stepped down.

 6.  Federal Budget usually comes out in early March.  Connie – they are giving the Senior Management bonuses with the money they are saving.  The unions need to know this.  Steve Van Opstal – people should be concerned about Catipillar.  Connie – know one knows until it affects them personally.  Lisa Garnier – Don’t Cut Our Jobs – very good turnout on the petition.  Connie – How is Milt’s department doing as his department has been cutting positions.  Milt – have to cut by 10%, whereas they have been cutting and grinding all along.  Even the Senior managers aren’t sure where the cuts are coming from.  They are talking about contracting out and privatizing.  Connie – niece, someone is on maternity leave and there is no one there to help her, no service.  The reason no one is there is because the government in power is cutting their budget.  There was a threat out of the new bill, they hired 30 new MP’s at a time while people were being cut.  Connie – would like to know that PSAC is going to do about it.  Are they going to wait until people are all gone or are they going to be proactive instead of reactive.  Lisa – PSAC tried to get support but there was no support.  Steve – no one comes to rally’s.  Connie – they always hold rally’s when members are working.  Milt – With the Ag component, where it is going to fall.  We are fighting food safety, and the Wheat Board.  You can get all kinds of dollars for Casuals but none for permanent workers.  Melissa – travel status, self service kiosks were discussed and she still stands in line, but some are shifted over to the self-service kiosks.  The older generation wants to go and stand in line.

 7.  PRC – signature campaign was a failure.  We don’t know what to expect – might be

5 % to 10% cutbacks but we don’t know.  Milt – we have full time work force adjustment committees and they are working in full force.  Bruce Cook – they have their 1st meeting coming up for the workforce adjustment committee.  Melissa – staff on 1 year leave have never been replaced and juggling the duties between the 2 land services people.  Shaun – in order to monitor this we need to have site visits to see what is going on.  Melissa – they are creating an entire department. 

8.  TC Bargaining – couple of hot issues on the table because of military service.  You become a priority and you don’t get to carry over your leave credits you start from brand new.  TC group is torn – abuse, staffing.  Connie has a member on priority because of this the 4 weeks went back down to 3 weeks because of starting over again.

Milt – that group is a small subset within that group.   If this goes to a vote the membership will not go for this.  At the end of the day, we want to give someone who is coming into our group this, it’s not just the EG’s its everyone.  Connie – Area Council would be nice to show support somehow to the TC group.  Connie – other hot issues – it would be nice to write a letter of solidarity and had it mailed to each member.  PSAC could mail to the TC membership.  TC group is a small table.  Milt – Customs group is a small group also.  Steve – a flag or banner would be a great idea.  Steve – are they making any progress?  Milt – there was a resolution at convention once your in arbitrary bindness you are always in arbitrary bindness.

 9.  Conference Call – Lisa – presentation – Swift Current – Louise and Lisa will be coordinating to visit them to discuss January 19th in Swift Current at noon and Regina meeting that evening.  Milt – having a lot of TC members, they say lets not sign for anything.  Lisa – it will be interesting to see where the groups will go – one group says Customs are prepared to pound the pavement to do whatever they need to do.  Bruce – made a motion to send a letter of support to the member of the TC group.  Lisa – there are Parks, CFIA, CFIU and the TC’s.  Lisa – there is no money in the budget to pay for postage.  The cost may come out to be about $300 – $400 and no more than $500.  Connie seconds Bruce’s motion.  Milt – would like to send a letter sent to the Bargaining team members saying we support them.  Richard – I agree with the timing of sending it out.  Milt – it’s a good message to send out saying you’re not forgotten.  Melissa – do you think we could ask Robin to give us a hand.  Steve – would like a “Day of Action”.  Lisa – its great to say you have our support.  What is your support exactly.  Steve – If we go with this letter we have to be there.  Connie – why do we have to be reactive instead of proactive.  Right now we tell each one of them and let them know that we do support them.  Close discussion.  All those in favour.  Carried.  “Spend up to $500 for costs and develop a letter and send it to Jeffery Vialis in Communications in Winnipeg.

10.  We should start thinking – what are we going to do – start planning now.  Canada Post and Pay Equity – they will be getting a payout, 8 UPC members.  Connie – maybe we could invite them for cake to our next meeting.

11.  Lorrie discussed that in ILAM (the old system) that she used to have to track her time spent on Union business Leave with Pay – code 640, now on the new system of Peoplesoft there is no computerized system of tracking and she is now filling out paper copies and submitting them to compensation.  Is anyone else filling out paper copies on Union Leave with Pay?  No one else is filling out paper copies.  Milt – we have an understanding with our superiors and we do not fill out paper copies.  It seems that Lorrie is the only person filling out paper copies.  If anyone wished to discuss further send me an email.  Lorrie will be discussing with NHU in Ottawa and James Kierstead with PeopleSoft Helpless the discontinuing of paper copies for Leave with Pay for Union Business.

 12.  AGM – preparing for the AGM meeting.  Lorrie – prepare in advance the audit and work with the 3 committee and trade and do each others books.  Lorrie to arrange with Suzanne Huggins and Janette Husak to do the Audit before the end of March.

The new tentative date is either March 28th or April 11/12th as an alternate and will extend the invitation to Robyn Benson.  Melissa will contact Robyn Benson to see if she can attend the AGM.

 13.  Melissa – to Shaun – what is happening with the Bylaws?  Melissa has two different copies of the bylaws.  Shaun – has PRC bylaws.  Connie – Robyn to have a standard set of bylaws for everyone.  Where are these electronically – if we had an electronic version maybe we could get a committee to go over them before 30 days before the AGM.  Connie – I could be on the committee.  Shaun – we should be able to make our own bylaws.  Milt – if you already have a copy it shouldn’t take much to fix them.  Melissa – the 2007 Bylaws say 45 days before the meeting.  BYLAWS – Shaun to contact Robyn and request any information on the Bylaws and if that hasn’t happened what happens now.  What can we do.  Milt – thought they have passed it at convention but they were told they are out of order.


Next meeting of the AGM will be held March 28th or April 11th.  Elections will be held.

 Shaun made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Bruce seconded the motion.

Meeting adjourned 8:00 pm.