Regina AC AGM Minutes – Mar 6 2013

In attendance: Melissa Brandt, Chair; Steve Van Opstal, L40229; Satinder Bains, L4A008; Ed Janis, APSAR; Brett Pollard, L40005; Dan Grunert, L40721; Diane Allan, PSAC Representative

Regina District Area Council

Annual General Meeting Minutes

March 6, 2013

 In attendance: 

  • Melissa Brandt, Chair

  • Steve Van Opstal, L40229

  • Satinder Bains, L4A008

  • Ed Janis, APSAR 

  • Brett Pollard, L40005

  • Dan Grunert, L40721

  • Diane Allan, PSAC Representative                                     

 Meeting called to order at 5:50 pm.

 Attendees were asked to sign the attendance sheet which was circulated and a round table of introductions was completed.


 Adoption of Agenda:

 M/S/C   Satinder/Steve               That the agenda be adopted as presented.

 Adoption of 2012 AGM Minutes:

 M/S/C   Steve/Brett                    That the minutes for the 2012 AGM be adopted as presented.

 Financial Review and 2013 Budget:

 Sister Melissa reported preparation of the 2012 financial review and a budget for 2013 had not been completed due to unavailability of other Area Council officers.  Following some discussion it was agreed to convene a special meeting on May 1 for the purpose of receiving the 2012 financial review and 2013 budget.  Brother Bains indicated he would approach the former treasurer to request he turn over the financial records.

 Sister Melissa indicated reimbursement by the RWC for the Community Helping Hands project and a half-share for the Remembrance Day wreath was still outstanding.  Sister Melissa also indicated she was still awaiting reimbursement for the total cost of the wreath.

 M/S/C   Dan/Steve                     That Sister Melissa be reimbursed the cost of meal expenses.

 Adoption of Bylaws:

 M/S/C   Steve/Brett                    That the draft bylaws circulated with the meeting notice be adopted subject to the quorum of officers in Bylaw 4, Subsection 2 being amended from three officers to two officers. 


 Diane Allan opened the floor for the election of officers.

 Chair – Sister Melissa nominated by Brother Satinder, seconded by Brother Steve.  Acclaimed.

 Vice-Chair – Brother Bains nominated by Brother Steve, seconded by Brother Brett. Acclaimed.

 Secretary – Brother Brett nominated by Brother Dan, seconded by Brother Satinder.  Acclaimed.

 Treasurer – Brother Dan nominated by Brother Satinder, seconded by Sister Melissa.  Acclaimed.

Following election of the officers Sister Allan administered the oath of office.

 Other Discussion:

 Sister Melissa reminded those in attendance the deadline for registration for the Regional Women’s Conference is March 8.  She also indicated applications are being accepted for SFL Summer Camp and the 2013 Prairie School for Union Women.

 The meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.