RAPC Round Dance

Dear Sisters & Brothers,

In the spirit of the PSAC Statement of Principles on Aboriginal Peoples’ Rights, Northern Saskatchewan RAPC is honoured to host a Round Dance in conjunction with the Truth & Reconciliation Commission’s Saskatchewan National Event, June 21, 2012.

Organizing an event of this magnitude takes a team of dedicated volunteers, but also requires a substantial financial investment to cover entertainment, food, rentals and promotion. To help us cover the costs of this important event, we are humbly asking our PSAC brothers and sisters for assistance through financial support or prize donations.

The Round Dance ceremony illustrates the Cree philosophy of the relationship between Spirits and us. The Elders say that the people that have passed on come to dance with us at the Round Dance, which started as a healing ceremony and became a social dance for children, friends, families, youth and Elders.

RAPC is proud to give back to the community by honouring survivors of residential schools, their families and communities. The theme of the Round Dance is “Miyo Ohpikinawasewin” which, in Cree, means “good parenting or child-rearing.” Residential schools negatively impacted traditional parenting and RAPC is pleased to give back to the community by bringing focus to this very important aspect of our families and communities.

To contribute, please contact Kurtis McAdam, RAPC Chair, at (306) 763-0058 or kurtisbadwolf@gmail.com or Paul Daigneault, RAPC Secretary, at (306) 763-4592 or paul.daigneault@sasktel.net. All contributions will be recognized on site at the event, in our promotional materials and on the PSAC Prairies website.

Thank you for supporting this event and the broader Aboriginal community in Saskatchewan.

In Solidarity,

Northern Saskatchewan Regional Aboriginal Peoples’ Circle (RAPC)