RAPC Mtg Minutes – Nov 24 2015

Attendance: Dave Beeds, Chair; Paul Daigneault, NAPC Male Rep; Janette Husak; Trudy Lerat


Prince Albert Indian Metis Friendship Centre
November 24, 2015


Dave Beeds, Chair
Paul Daigneault, NAPC Male Rep
Janette Husak
Trudy Lerat

Eloise Fineday – informed Dave that she would not be able to attend

1. Call to order 5:05 PM by Chair

2. Review Agenda – accepted

3. Review Financial Statements – none available at this time

4. Develop Work Plan and Budget for 2016 ($1500 to $2000)

A discussion and brainstorming session was held and a number of suggestions were discussed. It was decided at this time to have the Executive members finalize the work plan for 2016 based on the ideas discussed.

5. Selection of Executive
a. Chairperson – Dave Agreed to stay on as Chairperson
b. Treasurer – Kurtis vacated this position and Trudy was asked and she agreed to serve as the Treasurer
c. Secretary – Eloise informed Dave that she is willing to continue to serve in this role.

6. Next Meeting: The Executive will decide the next meeting date based on availability of the other members.

7. Adjournment – at 5:35 PM